Color in the bedroom interior: how to work with it?
Color scheme is an important ingredient in the bedroom interior. You can approach the choice in different ways. On the one hand, the bedroom is not a room for prying…

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Terence Conran: the designer who reinvented convenience
While other famous designers created interior art objects that were not suitable for living, sir Terence Conran put convenience first. Knighted for his services in the field of design, Conran…

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Apartment in Oriental style
Fashion to the East has long and firmly conquered the West. Being at the crossroads of civilizations, we combine the features of both cultures. Living according to the clear and…

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dressing room

Top 7 most beautiful mansions in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the most beautiful city in Russia. A real treasure trove of architectural structures of the Tsarist Russia era. We have prepared for you the top 7 most beautiful mansions in St. Petersburg.

Let us live as citizens of St. Petersburg! In this article, we will tell you how to transfer Palace luxury to your apartment and not go broke.
to live in the Palace
Brusnitsyn Mansion
The Brusnitsyns ‘ mansion is one of the most mysterious buildings in St. Petersburg. No wonder it was chosen by filmmakers and photographers. Continue reading

Scandinavian-style kitchen design

Today we will tell you how to create a kitchen design in a simple, minimalistic and noble Scandinavian style. First, let’s look at its characteristics.

Features of the Scandinavian style
The Northern Scandinavian design style has become recognizable due to the following distinctive features:

white color in the design of the walls;
using natural wood;
minimalism in detail;
simple and strict forms, proportionality of design elements. Continue reading

How to design a children’s room ” for growth»

A children’s room is a small world where a child spends most of their time. This is where the development and formation of the individual takes place, so you need to approach the design of this space responsibly. The interior of the room must match the interests and needs of the small owner. The child needs to feel a sense of security, so creating a child’s room should be approached in detail.

In Russia, there is a tendency to design tasteless, pretentious rooms for children. This approach to the interior of children’s apartments will bring short-term joy. Continue reading

Zoning of a Studio apartment of 25-30 sq. m.
Euroformat apartments, where the living room is combined with the kitchen, are one of the most popular offers on the market today. Studios are in particular demand. At the same…


5 ex-trends, that it is time to say "good-bye»
If the interior can be determined exactly in what year and in the Wake of what fashion trends it was created, then there are a couple of former trends in…


5 unsuccessful combinations in the interior: do not repeat this house
In the world of interior design, there are controversial solutions, there are some that can be said to be "Amateur", but there are also frankly failed combinations. We have collected…


How to make a loft style cozy
Loft interiors are a combination of brutality and industrial style, antiquity and technology. Rough raw textures and lack of planning at the time raised this style to the peak of…