Pros and cons of natural stone stairs
Characteristics of stairs made of natural stone Granite and marble stairs are highly valued all over the world due to the following advantages: high strength and durability; they are made…

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How to add sun to a St. Petersburg apartment
Many of us are really lucky. To live (and even more so to be born!) in the Northern capital — a privilege. This is understood even by those who came…

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5 ex-trends, that it is time to say "good-bye»
If the interior can be determined exactly in what year and in the Wake of what fashion trends it was created, then there are a couple of former trends in…

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How to make a loft style cozy

Loft interiors are a combination of brutality and industrial style, antiquity and technology. Rough raw textures and lack of planning at the time raised this style to the peak of fashion. As of today, several pitfalls of a typical loft have been revealed:

* open layouts-the enemy of cozy zoning;
* rough brick looks untidy if you overdo it;
* industrial details are far from elegant;
* the absence of textiles is inconvenient;
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Kitchen interior: cost-free and in trend

An interesting interior doesn’t mean expensive. Sometimes one or two elements can completely transform the space. We will tell you how to create a spectacular kitchen interior with small funds.

Color is the most affordable luxury in the interior. Choose one juicy accent shade and combine it with neutral tones. For example: blue + gray, yellow + white, green + light wood.

A bright spot and a point of attraction for the eye can be the facade of a kitchen set, but if you are afraid to let too much color into the space, dose it. Continue reading

Terence Conran: the designer who reinvented convenience

While other famous designers created interior art objects that were not suitable for living, sir Terence Conran put convenience first. Knighted for his services in the field of design, Conran was influenced by the whole British way of life and lifestyle. Let’s find out how one of the most influential designers in the world sees a modern interior.

Design to the masses
The future founder of The London design Museum was born in 1931 to a South African businessman. At 21, Terence graduated from the Central school of Art and Design. In 1951, he took part in his first professional project — creating the interior of a seaplane. A year later, he opens a furniture Studio Conran & Company. Continue reading

How to mix: rules for combining styles
More recently, the world of interior design was dominated by clean styles: industrial loft with" stripped " to the bricks walls, white Scandinavian minimalism, charming aged Provence and timeless classics.…


5 unsuccessful combinations in the interior: do not repeat this house
In the world of interior design, there are controversial solutions, there are some that can be said to be "Amateur", but there are also frankly failed combinations. We have collected…


Interior tips that are outdated
Interior fashion is changeable, but still not as fast as many people think. Yesterday's trends flow very smoothly and logically into today's and follow not only international trends in furniture…


Scandinavian style in the interior: history and features
Last year, the Scandinavian style had a dizzying success. Simplicity of forms, open plans, white background, abundance of light and space, minimum of decor and furniture-all this unobtrusive asceticism has…