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Apartment in Oriental style

Fashion to the East has long and firmly conquered the West. Being at the crossroads of civilizations, we combine the features of both cultures. Living according to the clear and logical laws of the Western world, we often prefer something mysterious and Eastern. Food, clothing, music … we Have also changed our house – we will try to design an apartment in an Oriental style, but with the usual traditions.

ABC of Oriental decor
Designers say that following a particular ethnic style does not mean a complete reconstruction of the folklore interior.

an example of the interior
First, we would lose many of the comforts we are used to. Secondly, in its basic, unchanging form, it is alien to our mentality: excessive diversity very quickly becomes boring and begins to irritate.

Because we, rather, try to embody our idea of the East, rather than actually embody it on our cherished squares.
You can add an Oriental touch to the interior by simply adding a few basic elements to the interior:

ethnic interior textiles-pillows, curtains, bedspreads, carpets, etc.;
wood carving – from statuettes to large wooden panels and pieces of furniture;
bronze-figurines, vases, dishes;
structural details of the interior-arches, niches with stucco, etc.;
openwork lanterns – made of bronze or metal, often with inserts of colored glass;
incense – from bahur to aroma lamps with traditional Oriental oils (sandalwood, Jasmine, etc.).
What if you spent a lot of effort and money on a loft interior, and it is declared out of fashion? Is it time to rip off decorative bricks from the walls? Can you adapt your loft to current trends? Or give up on trends? Know.
The most important thing is a measure, otherwise you risk waking up one day instead of your home in the Eastern Bazaar.

Harmony of stylization
If you decide to design an apartment in an Oriental style, start with the floor and walls. Thus, for the Maghreb countries (North Africa), the interior is characterized by one-color ochre staining. In Egypt and the Gulf countries, it is customary to whitewash the walls. The azure tiles of Isfahan are known all over the world. Bright colors are typical for countries where there is a lot of sun.

Apartment in Oriental style
We are characterized by a calmer climate, so the diversity can quickly tire. We recommend that you paint the walls in pastel colors in a single color – and then the folklore textiles and interior items will stand out against their background and seem really valuable. Avoid a motley of Wallpaper – it will not be disclosed to real works of art. But to use a tile with an Oriental pattern as a kitchen apron, floor tiles or bathroom decoration is quite appropriate.

Textiles-the guardian of culture
Oriental ornaments play a very important role, especially on textiles. Traditionally, patterns were given a special mystical meaning, but now they are just pleasing to the eye. Even if the apartment is decorated in an ultra-modern high-tech style, the mere appearance of a hand-woven bedspread gives it a light Oriental flair.

Pillows, heavy Drapes, curtains made of camel harness, embroidered covers for poufs-all this makes you want to lean on a low sofa and indulge in bliss.
Please note: chairs and stools are alien to Eastern aesthetics. Use Ottomans, sofas (the lower the better), and armchairs. There must be a carpet on the floor – make sure that its ornament does not interrupt the pattern of the rest of the textiles, otherwise it will be too colorful.

patterned pillowcases
Speaking of “his forsakest”. It’s time to worry about why they threw away (gave away, gave away) my grandmother’s wool carpet, which she just got from a friend from Uzbekistan. Now it can be considered the last squeak. The main difference from Soviet use is the use of deliberately minimalistic interiors. And – about a miracle! – he began to play with new colors and began to look surprisingly harmonious and with a certain note of aristocracy.

In this article, we will tell you how to add sun and space to an apartment that needs them.

Patterned wood and metal
Metalworking traditions in the East are very old – who hasn’t heard of Damascus steel? And the skill of Indian woodcarvers was admired by many. And in our time, perhaps, everyone brings some interesting knickknack made of metal, wood or stone from their travels. How to use it in the interior?

The Golden rule is not to overload with small things. You should not put the entire collection of figurines on the coffee table. And here is put one, but the most-the most-need to. Turkish and Egyptian lanterns made of patterned metal and glass can become a well-deserved interior center of the room, set the tone for it. The same applies to various wooden panels and furniture items.

the Eastern apartment design
An Oriental-style apartment is not the hut of a Bedouin or a fairy-tale Emir. This is our impression of the East as we know it from fairy tales and see it as tourists. Specialists of interior goods stores in Lanskaya shopping center will help you realize this dream.

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Apartment in Oriental style
Fashion to the East has long and firmly conquered the West. Being at the crossroads of civilizations, we combine the features of both cultures. Living according to the clear and…


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