Arrangement of a small kitchen of 5-6 sq. m.
"In close quarters, but not in offense" - this saying we know from childhood. But how annoying it is when the apartment does not have enough space for comfort and…

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Arrangement of a small kitchen of 5-6 sq. m.

“In close quarters, but not in offense” – this saying we know from childhood. But how annoying it is when the apartment does not have enough space for comfort and comfort, and even the walls seem to press. Do not be upset: with the help of simple design techniques, you can make the most seemingly small room cozy and convenient. In this article, we will tell you how you can comfortably equip a small kitchen of 5-6 sq. m.

Where to start?
Most often, small kitchens are the legacy of Soviet builders. The Khrushchev and Brezhnev projects did not assume that the Soviet people would spend a lot of time in the kitchen. At the same time, in some new buildings and in our time, the principle of saving space.Therefore, the question of how to properly equip a small kitchen with an area of 5 or 6 meters is relevant for many.

Food in a small kitchen
The basic design principles of small rooms also work for kitchens:

great light;
dominant gamma-light shades;
game of lines (arrangement of Wallpaper and furniture drawings in such a way as to create perspective and optical magnification);
rational use of every inch: built-in furniture and carefully selected appliances;
constructive change in the space;
concise design.
Fashion to the East has long and firmly conquered the West. Being at the crossroads of civilizations, we combine the features of both cultures. Living according to the clear and logical laws of the Western world, we often prefer something mysterious and Eastern. Let’s try to design an apartment in an Oriental style!

Let’s take a look at what will help make the kitchen bigger.

Color and light that expand space
Designers say with one voice: to achieve the effect of infinite space, you need a white color and bright light. However, everything should be in moderation to avoid the “hospital” effect of the room. So, it is recommended to combine different light shades in the decoration and panels of furniture – melted milk, bluish, etc.

It is necessary to think over the lighting system: in addition to the ” big ” Central one, you need lamps in the cooking area (stove and work surface).
In the area of the dining area, you also need the opportunity for separate lighting – this can be either a low ceiling lamp or a sconce.

Kitchen in dark colors
Lines and perspective
If you are a happy owner of high ceilings, then horizontal long lines will help to make the kitchen visually larger – in the drawing of Wallpaper, kitchen apron, wide cabinets. If the ceilings are low, then the vertical stripe Wallpaper is your choice.

Another way to outsmart space is to use a diagonal pattern, such as rhombuses. It can be implemented if you use tiles on the floor. Remember that large masonry elements will visually reduce the room, and small ones, on the contrary, increase, so choose smaller plates with a small pattern (for example, metlakh tile).

This technology came to us from America, as well as many other advanced techniques. It is no secret that in the forties of the 20th century, when polymers were invented daily in large quantities in different parts of the world, America became a leader in the creation of equipment and technology for processing polymers. From there, we received sprayed insulation with polyurethane foam, composite materials, waterproofing with polymers, and much more. While the Soviet Union and European countries were fighting fascism, America participated in the synthetic revolution. Therefore, what has become a novelty for us in the 21st century has become familiar and commonplace in the other hemisphere. And that’s why we had to bring advanced technology and equipment from the United States. We also brought the matrix of the bath, the shower tray, and most of the sinks from overseas. Therefore, the bath is spacious and roomy, as well as the shower, the sinks are also designed for a large kitchen in the style of American classics. We tried to adapt the new products to Russian realities: they are more compact and elegant.
All inside
The compact dishwasher, two-burner stove, washing machine and other appliances that are located in the kitchen are not inferior to their larger counterparts. Select options that can be built into the furniture and take up the least space when used.

Compact equipment
The situation should also be functional. A good solution is kitchen sets that are built into the wall without gaps on top. As a rule, the upper part has closed or open shelves and cabinets for kitchen utensils or supplies. Please note: the space above the door, the refrigerator can also be “framed” by racks.

Ideal for the kitchen-folding (retractable) tables, chairs, and practical sofas-lockers that can be used as full-fledged lockers.

Hanging shelves inside cabinets, rails with mounts for condiments, dishes and kitchen appliances will save time when cooking and storage space.
The kitchen is ruled by taste
There are many options for arranging a small kitchen, and they all agree on one thing: the design should be as simple and concise as possible. Characteristic touches:

you can use mirrors-they optically increase the space, and due to reflection give additional light;
small statuettes, candles, magnets, and trinkets will interfere and take up useful space;
avoid variegation, massive decorative elements-they require a lot of space, and in a close room look awkward.
Pastel kitchen tones
Thus, for the arrangement of a small kitchen of 5-6 square meters, the best styles will be:

high tech;
These are the main principles of design of small rooms. Shops of Lanskaya shopping center offer everything for realization of your ideas-from finishing materials to furniture and household appliances. It remains only to finally decide what style and how you would like to equip your small kitchen of 5 or 6 square meters.

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