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Design of a small Studio apartment

A popular format for modern housing is Studio apartments. Small dimensions dictate the need for maximum functionality of each square meter. How to make compactness not only convenient, but also beautiful? Let’s talk about the basic principles of designing a small-sized Studio apartment.

Who lives in the house?
There is a well-established opinion that the Studio is an inexpensive apartment not very convenient layout, located in residential neighborhoods. However, this is not always the case: many high-end residential complexes also assume one-room apartments of Euro format (consisting of one room combined with a kitchen) of a large area. The price of spacious studios in prestigious areas can be comparable to two-or three-bedroom housing in a “bedroom” area.

Studio apartment zones
When choosing a design, you need to understand who will live in this apartment and for what purposes you plan to use it. So, most often the Studio is chosen:

families without children or with a small child;
for single occupancy (often students and bachelors);
for rent;
as the company’s office accommodation for seconded employees.
The design of a small Studio will change depending on the purpose of housing and its size. Let’s talk further about the General principles.

Fusion-an interior based on a mix of conflicting styles. How to create such an aesthetic at home?

Concise style
Fancy Baroque finishes, heavy Victorian styles, or “Granny-style” repairs are not suitable for small spaces. An abundance of decorative elements, heavy fabrics, frames, classic large Wallpaper drawings, massive chandeliers-they themselves require a lot of space, and in a small apartment simply will not leave room for residents.

Luxury Studio-loft
Modern styles allow you to use the entire area wisely and not load the space with heavy elements:

high tech;
Each direction implies compactness, well-thought-out storage systems, multi-functional elements of furniture and decoration, and most importantly-the utmost simplicity. This does not mean that the interior will be dry and uninteresting.
For example, Scandinavian and eco-style is characterized by an abundance of natural materials and textures in the decoration, light colors, and the use of simple ethnic ornaments. High-tech involves the use of steel shades, glass and metal, as well as home gadgets like the “smart home” system. Minimalism presupposes geometric shapes and simplicity, as well as a General lack of clutter in the room.

Competent zoning
For comfort, the Studio apartment should be divided into certain zones. This is necessary so that all family members can safely go about their business. As a rule, the room is divided into:

main (often combines the function of a bedroom and a reception area);
work or children’s areas.
Let’s find out how this multi-faceted and deeply philosophical style was formed and whether its elements will find a place in a modern interior.

You can separate one part of the Studio from another using:

furniture – bar counters, through racks, screens, aquariums, corner sofas, etc.;
partitions – carved and solid screens, sliding structures, hanging curtains made of beads, fringe or bamboo, planters with flowers, etc.;
finishes – different color and texture of the walls (Wallpaper, paint, plaster), light schemes that allow lighting zones separately, different floor coverings;
additional structures – podiums, multi-level ceiling, etc.
Bedroom and kitchen area
The main rule is that partitions should not tightly separate one zone from another, this will visually reduce the area, in such housing it will be uncomfortable. There should also be free passage from one zone to another – this is, above all, a security requirement.

Space saving
Transformer furniture is an ideal invention for small apartments. Folding sofas, beds that go up to the wardrobe, spacious storage areas-these solutions have become familiar. However, the space should be covered not only horizontally, but also vertically: suspended shelves, cabinets. The owners of the studios with high ceilings often arrange and place the mezzanine there is a spacious sleeping place.

Pay attention to everything that takes away precious centimeters. For example, it is better to replace the door from the hallway with sliding structures (“accordion”). You should avoid a large number of decorative elements – vases, figurines, and other things: they will take up space, and in a small space they can simply not be noticed and broken.
Color and light
In many photos of the design of small-sized studios, you can see a common thing: specialists use mostly light colors in the decoration. This is because they reflect light, and the room optically becomes larger. However, it is not necessary to turn a cozy home into a hospital ward: color games are allowed with the inclusion of bright spots or decor that corresponds to the style and purpose of a particular zone.

The same applies to light – with its help, the room can not only be zoned, but also visually enlarged. To do this, it is enough to abandon the massive hanging chandelier in the middle of the ceiling and use built-in or small pendant lights-spotlights. Pay attention to light schemes: with the help of spots installed at the corners, you can vary the lighting from bright to soft in the evening.

Raised bed in the Studio
The design of a small-sized Studio apartment is a vast field of experiments with the interior in order to maximize the development of space. Specialists of Lanskaya shopping center stores will help you choose comfortable furniture, decor items, necessary finishing materials and lighting elements.

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