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How to choose a home fragrance

Incense is not an essential item, but it is the aroma that creates a unique atmosphere in the house. For the first time, items that flavored the room were used in religious rites. Traditionally, ambergris, myrrh, sandalwood, musk, incense, and backgammon were used. Today we will talk about how these flavors migrated to the interior, and what role they began to play.

home fragrances
Four key rules for choosing a fragrance
1. The fragrance should not conflict with the style of the interior.
Just as perfume complements your image, home fragrance should give the apartment a special atmosphere. If the house is designed in the style of high-tech, it is unlikely that it “face” will be stuffy Oriental smells. Under the strict graphic interior will fit the aroma of cool greenery.

2. For each functional zone, you need to choose the appropriate flavor.
For example, in the bedroom, sharp and stuffy scents can cause migraines, and bright acidic ones can cause insomnia. In the kitchen, cold herbal smells can cause a lack of appetite. Moreover, the same loop in the kitchen and bathroom at the same time looks comical.

How to transform an apartment for the New Year and Christmas.
3. Use less bright menthol and citrus notes.
They cause emotional activity, and it is difficult to get used to them. For living rooms, it is better to choose cozy and unobtrusive scents of flowers, herbs, wood and warm spices. When choosing a fragrance, consider the preferences of all the inhabitants of the house. For example, if you like sugary fruit smells, household members may be uncomfortable with them.

4. Don’t use cheap fragrances.
The standard smells of “sea breeze” or “Alpine meadows” are associated with public spaces and can create uncomfortable associations. Cheap scented candles may not produce any aroma at all, and Oriental sticks can cause allergies.

All odors are divided into atmospheric and masking. The first are light scents that are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, and the second are bright scents that can hide unpleasant odors in the kitchen or bathroom. Each room and each owner will have its own source of fragrance. In order to decide, you need to know all the variety of choices.

This is a vessel with perfume, which contains bamboo sticks. The first diffusers appeared for the first time in medieval Europe. Aromatic oils were mixed with olive oil in special vessels that contained sticks of cane. The degree of concentration of the fragrance is regulated by the number of sticks. The fragrance spreads evenly throughout the house and lasts for a long time.

aromatic sachets
These are fragrant loose mixtures that are in a fabric bag and impregnated with essential oils. Sachet bags are used for flavoring closed spaces, cabinets, dressers, bedside tables, and storerooms. It is worth noting that some sachets are suitable for repelling harmful insects, for example, bags of lavender repel moths from the Cabinet.

the dried flowers
Dried flowers
These are dry flavored plants and fruits that perform both decorative and flavoring functions. Vases with dried flowers are used on coffee tables in the living room or in the kitchen. The fragrance is spotty, distributed in the place where the incense is placed.

Armenian paper
Not the most popular way to flavor a room, but very pleasant and effective. In essence, these are paper strips impregnated with essential oils. The paper smoulders for about a minute and exudes a pleasant aroma when burned. However, the smell quickly disappears.

aromatherapy Sveti
Scented candle
One of the most popular ways to flavor a space. Candles were first used in the ancient East, first for rituals, and then in everyday life. Moreover, it is a whole household ritual to light scented candles at the entrance to the house. It is very popular to use them in the bathroom and in the living room. A distinctive feature is a bright variety of flavors and durability. The fragrance is not consumed while you are not at home.

scented paper
Scented paper
This is cardboard, impregnated with aromas, it is not set on fire, and put in cabinets, bags, suitcases. This helps mask unpleasant odors in confined spaces and repels insects.

sprays for the house
The simplest way to give the room a flavor. Most often, sprays are used in bathrooms and toilets, and automated flavorings are used in the kitchen.

aroma lamps
Scented lamps
This is a ceramic or clay structure that has a burner or candle stand and a container for essential oil. During burning of the candle heats up the air and bursting with flavor.

perfumed ceramics
Perfumed ceramics
Aesthetically pleasing, but useless from the point of view of spreading the fragrance. Beautiful ceramic stones smell faintly, and the smell quickly disappears.

Berger lamps
Berger Lamp
This is the least known, but the best way to rid the apartment of odors, fill it with aromas and also kill the pathogenic bacteria. This is the invention of assistant pharmacist Maurice Berger, which he discovered in 1897. Air purification is produced by catalytic combustion. Extremely popular item in military hospitals during the first world war in France. Method of air purification by catalytic combustion of alcohol is unique, that’s just find and buy the lamp in Russia is difficult, but possible — in the “Bureau of textile fantasy” on the first floor of the TC “Lansky”.

home fragrances
How to choose the right fragrance
The question of choosing a fragrance should naturally disappear by itself. First of all, the fragrance is selected intuitively, just like a body perfume. Apply it to your skin and temples, walk around, get used to it, and you will know for sure whether you can live with it. Any fragrance, like any expensive perfume, will not manifest itself immediately, it must be allowed to open up within 15-20 minutes.

fashion fragrances for home
What fragrances are in fashion today
Choosing a fragrance for your home, you can not rely on fashion, completely trust your sense of smell. Niche perfume houses in the field of home fragrances are not chasing the creation of a trend for some non-standard unappetizing smell, they are trying to play on the sensor. Therefore, the trend is always unisex fragrances that can cause pleasant associations with childhood: fresh grass, honey, the smell of wood, daffodils. This allows you to create an emotional message that can set the tone for the mood in the house.
At the exhibition in Melana, salty flavors were presented, it is considered that sweet smells are already tired. But, as we said earlier, this is a purely personal choice for everyone. The smell of leather and spices in any home can bring nobility and high cost.

aromas in the house
The Lanskoy shopping complex will reveal new facets of your home.

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