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Apartment in Provence style

The sun, soft blue sky, tender greens, shades of lavender and violets-the style of the French South has long won fans in Russia. Apartment in the style of Provence – an abundance of light, comfort and tenderness in the interior. It is good not only as an independent style dominant, but also the inclusion of individual elements in other styles, can be harmoniously combined with other directions.

History of origin
Unlike many modern design styles, Provence was organically developed by the XVIII century in the South of France in the region of the same name. For a long time it was organically formed in the life of the peasants.

bedroom Provence
Due to social changes in society, certain elements began to appear in the apartments of small bourgeois, and then-in large houses. The reason for this was partly the longing of rich residents of cities for an easy and carefree life in nature.

It is necessary to distinguish Provence from other “rustic” styles-rustic, country, Scandinavian. Its individual elements are harmoniously blended in the neo-classical and loft, reinterpreted in a modern style.
Provence style in the interior of the apartment-the main motives
You can easily determine that the interior design of the apartment is made in the style of Provence by the combination of these characteristics:

an abundance of light colors and their shades – mainly pastel, light colors of green, blue, purple, brown;
a sense of ambient light, only certain decorative details can be dark;
great attention is paid to textiles-curtains, pillows, upholstered furniture, canopies, canopies, bedspreads;
“rustic” elements: wicker furniture, earthenware and metal jugs, enameled or just tin;
floral ornament-flowers are not arranged in a pattern, but are scattered on interior fabrics and Wallpaper;
the furniture is simple, but of a classic design;
forged products;
flowers and houseplants – better live cut flowers or herbs in pots.
Provence cuisine
Apartment in Provence style with your own hands
When planning a Provencal renovation, pay attention to the features of the interior decoration. For example, natural materials or their imitation should be used for the floor. In the rooms it is a Board or imitation of a wooden floor, in the kitchen, dining room-tiles of light and pastel colors, often with a floral pattern.

Let’s find out how this multi-faceted and deeply philosophical style was formed and whether its elements will find a place in a modern interior.

For the design of the walls, either rough textured plaster is used, or Wallpaper – plain, in a small flower, cell or stripe. Individual elements (columns), as well as solid walls can be masonry. Ideally, this is a brick-cleared wall, but in the case of partitions made of drywall or other materials, you can use clinker or relief Wallpaper that imitates brick or stone. Small areas (kitchen apron) can be paved with tiles.

bedroom in Provence style
Ceilings are usually light, plain, without stucco. Stretch multilevel ones are rarely used, as this breaks the basic idea of simplicity.

If the height of the room allows, you can use ceiling falshbalki – they will create the illusion of a village house. Hanging chandeliers with imitation candles will also look organic with them.
Who doesn’t fit
Looking at photos of interior design in the style of Provence, the question may arise: is the vision overloaded? How functional is it in standard small Russian apartments?

Living room in Provence style
Indeed, the rationality of using some elements may be questionable. The main thing is to remember that interior images set a trend first of all, and are not a strict model.

The special features, the special features that can be corrected include:

a large number of textiles – it can be reduced if there are allergies or asthmatics in the house, the remaining should be regularly knocked out and cleaned;
if you really work at your Desk, you do not need to put wicker chairs – comfort and health first of all;
cute trinkets, framed photos, and candles don’t have to be placed on open shelves – the style allows for the use of cabinets with glass doors.
Let us live as citizens of St. Petersburg! In this article, we will tell you how to transfer Palace luxury to your apartment and not go broke

An apartment in the Provence style, as a rule, gives the impression of softness, tenderness and comfort. Textiles play a key role in it. Employees of the interior fabric stores of Lanskaya TC will help you choose the option that is suitable for your home.

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