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The apartment is in the neo-classical style

Neoclassicism in the interior is a reinterpretation of the artistic principles of several art trends at once: Renaissance, Baroque and classicism, whose origins lie in antiquity. Simplicity and harmony, calmness and delicacy – these are the properties of the apartment’s interior design in the neoclassical style. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Main feature
Neoclassicism suggests a calm design without sharp contrasts, broken lines. There is no excessive decorativeness and overload with details. Trinkets, Souvenirs, canopies, low-functional decorative items are not needed here – this style is emotionally restrained and calm.

the neo-classical style
Designers identify several basic principles that characterize the style. They are easy to trace on the photo of interiors in the neo-classical style:

straight lines and elements of antique and Baroque architecture – for example, columns are used in finishing and creating furniture, lines are simple and finished;
the furniture meets architectural standards and harmonizes with the overall decor;
some minimalism and moderation in details;
the relationship of several rooms-plays a role not only the design of the room, but also what kind of view opens from it to the neighboring ones; the use of enfilades, arches and openings without doors;
the absence of sharp contrasting patterns, pastel colors, dusty-palette from shades of white to ochre, green; often used noble gray.
neoclassical bedroom
A completed and elaborated project for the design of an apartment will not be “alive” if it is deprived of such a “highlight”. Today we will tell you how to find your work of art.

Individual element
Neoclassicism refers to those styles that are easier to identify by eye. There are certain markers that collectively point to it:

mandatory availability of comfortable upholstered furniture, chairs;
chairs with a soft seat and back;
“carriage” screed on furniture, leather upholstery, use of decorative furniture nails, valuable wood species;
fireplaces and decorative fireplace portals, where you can install an electric fireplace, a group of candles, etc.;
moldings on the walls – the design must take into account the proportions of the room to maintain harmony;
crystal chandeliers in contrast to the restrained atmosphere;
dense interior textiles combined with light fabrics such as wool and silk;
dim lighting – use of sconces, table lamps, floor lamps;
it is appropriate to install an imitation of a “second light”, a hidden illumination along the perimeter with the use of tension structures.
“Good design is 98% common sense and 2% aesthetic»

How to use it?
Thanks to its brevity, the style looks appropriate in all areas – from the bedroom to the kitchen. Even in children’s rooms, neoclassical design is aesthetically combined with toys, textiles, and a work area.

A characteristic feature of Neoclassicism is the adoption of elements of other styles.
Due to its simplicity and softness, individual decorative or utilitarian items can fit into the interior without losing style, giving it a modern accent.

neoclassical living room
It is not difficult to collect everything you need to create a neoclassical interior. Even in a small house, the elements will not look crowded, since the design itself involves a large amount of air that can be filled at will.

Neat vases with flowers, paintings on the walls in discreet frames, mirror panels and other elements look good here.
Apartment in the neoclassical style is a very simple, clear, practical solution for those who need comfort, tranquility with a touch of retro. Lanskaya shopping center offers a variety of products that can be used to implement a neoclassical interior-furniture, lighting, finishing materials, Wallpaper. Consultants will help you choose everything you need for the project, as well as suggest possible options for interior solutions.

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