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5 ex-trends, that it is time to say “good-bye»

If the interior can be determined exactly in what year and in the Wake of what fashion trends it was created, then there are a couple of former trends in the space that have already irritated everyone’s eyes. To protect yourself from such troubles, you can stick to the classic style. But not everyone is comfortable in the quiet Harbor of classics, sometimes you want to experiment and play with fashion. This is how trends are born. And then they get bored and go into the past. Let’s see what anti-trends in interior design appeared in 2019.

Images on a kitchen apron
Designers agree that the drawings on the kitchen apron are definitely out of the game. First of all, this applies to photo printing on glass.

anti-trends in the interior
Especially categorical designers offer to abandon the kitchen apron as such, offering as an alternative a solid protective lining of the kitchen wall.
It is hard to believe that the trend for the absence of an apron will take root in Russian kitchens — it is a very practical solution. Time will tell.

Multi-colored LED backlight
There was a lot of it, too much. For several years, designers have professed their love for neon, especially popular was the multi-colored lighting of ceilings, floors and shelves in the kitchen area. And led signs on the walls. The love is gone.

it is no longer fashionable in the interior
Fashionable interiors say goodbye to multi-colored lighting, but only with multi-colored, no one cancels the usual one.
“In close quarters, but not in offense” – this saying we know from childhood. But how annoying it is when the apartment does not have enough space for comfort and comfort, and even the walls seem to press. Do not worry: in this article we will tell you how to equip a small kitchen of 5-6 square meters.
“Water” lamps
Wherever there was a red brick, there were also industrial-style lamps. The most top-end products were considered to be made of water pipes and “spiders” – chandeliers with hanging conductors and lamps at the ends.

antitrend interior design 2019
The loft is too early to write off, it is transformed, adapts to modern trends, mixes with other styles and is domesticated. But everyone is already tired of the loft in its pure brutal-industrial form.

The loft in the new reading gets rid of the previous characteristic decor. Spider chandeliers and “water” fixtures are just from this category.
White marble
White marble and its imitation received a yellow card from the designers. Yes, it has not yet reached-marble is still accepted in modern interiors, but without the same scope, dosed.

marble in the interior
Designers recommend revising the shade. Popularity is predicted for gray and green marble.

Tiered ceilings
This relic of the era of European repairs is not the first year in the TOP-e anti-trends. But designers mention it necessarily to convey the idea: complex multi-tiered structures do not belong on Russian ceilings
It’s all about proportions. When the ceiling height is just over 2 meters, composite structures can turn a room into a box. But if the ceiling in the apartment, as in the throne room, and you want complex structures-you can afford it.

Based on communication with the designers of the Lanskaya shopping complex, we have prepared for you five key errors in the interior and ways to fix them.
What if the list of anti-trends includes an interior solution that you personally like? Continue to trust your eyes and senses. Your interior — your rules, ideas, materials and solutions in the salons of Lanskaya shopping center.

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5 ex-trends, that it is time to say "good-bye»
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