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As in Paris: French style in the interior

Bright walls, lots of light, a light creative mess, somewhere there is always a porcelain saucer with a fresh croissant and a Cup of steaming coffee, and the Windows offer a view of at least the Champs Elysees. These associations are the first to come to mind when we talk about the French interior. What ingredients does it actually consist of and can the Bohemian atmosphere of Paris take root on the basis of a Russian apartment?

Parisian interior
Parisian interior = stucco + parquet
Typical Parisian apartments in houses of the Ottoman period are unthinkable without two main components: stucco and parquet.

Stucco is most often white plaster, sometimes with gilding, decorated with high white ceilings. In Parisian apartments of the old Foundation, stucco is always a duet with parquet, it can be dark or light, matte or glossy, as long as it is laid out with a “Christmas tree”. The parquet texture visually warms the interior, balancing the “cool” effect of minimalistic light walls — another component of the Parisian style in the interior.

French style in the interior
The characteristic color scheme is always light, as in the Provence style, contrasts and bright color accents are rare. Common “Parisian” shades: white, cream and coffee with milk. This color scheme works well with large French Windows, visually filling the space with light and air.

The sun, soft blue sky, tender greens, shades of lavender and violets-the style of the French South has long won fans in Russia. Apartment in the style of Provence – an abundance of light, comfort and tenderness in the interior.
Other recognizable elements of the French interior include a fireplace. Ottoman mansions are still inhabited by the heirs of the Louis XVI era-stately marble or stone fireplaces, finished with cast iron and decorated with stucco curls.

In our time, fireplaces in Parisian apartments are exclusively decorative function, no one uses them for their intended purpose.
Parisian chic in the interior
Fireplace, fireplace and parquet floors in such spaces are organically combined with modern furniture and decor.

Bohemia, eclecticism and thrift
Such areas of Paris as Montmartre and Belleville are known as Studio apartments or Studio apartments, which have long been favored by writers, artists and other representatives of the Parisian Bohemia. The name in this environment was born relaxed Parisian chic, which is characterized by a slight creative disorder.

Another feature of the style can be considered thrift. There is an opinion that the French, even the most Bohemian, do not differ in extravagance and respectfully protect family heirlooms.

It is considered good form to furnish the living space with antique furniture and decor inherited from the family, as well as finds from flea markets.
France in the interior
The French style is not historical, so the interior can safely contain elements from different eras. An abundance of diverse decor is welcome: antique candlesticks and mirrors in tarnished Baroque frames coexist with modern design objects and items from the mass market.

There should also be a lot of lighting devices. It is customary to combine lamps of different configurations from different styles and eras. A frequent guest in such interiors is a low-hanging chandelier that looks like it has moved out of the Palace. The company consists of numerous sconces, floor lamps and table lamps that provide cozy chamber lighting in functional areas.

Parisian chic style interior
Despite the abundance of decorative elements, the Parisian interior does not look pretentious, excessive luxury and prudery is not about it. In space, there is always an elegant carelessness, and the first place is given to convenience. The main task of such an interior is not to be a picture from a magazine, but a space for real people’s lives, not ideal, but unique and comfortable.

French interior and Russian real estate
The easiest way to reproduce the Parisian atmosphere in St. Petersburg apartments of the old Foundation, where the ceilings are high and the stucco is already available, and, if you are lucky, also a romantic view from the window. But even in a modern Russian new building, some elements of the Parisian style can take root. We tell you how.

With floors and walls, everything is simple. For the first-a parquet Board or more budget laminate with imitation of a parquet covering. The walls can be covered with light paint, decorative plaster or Wallpaper, to choose from. Decorative moldings will provide a European look.

If you are interested in the Paris theme, it is better to refrain from floral prints or use it with caution. Otherwise, you can quickly “move” from Paris to Provence. Otherwise, there are no special contraindications in combinations of prints on walls and textiles. eclectic Parisian chic tends to mix different ornaments, the main thing is that contrasts and shades are not too active.
Now let’s discuss the decor. The heart of the interior can be a false fireplace-a budget alternative to its cast-iron Parisian counterpart. Things with a history will come in handy, and it is not necessary that the history be French. This can be your old Soviet piano, family China, or a massive grandmother’s sideboard. Do not be afraid of the Soviet heritage in the interior, especially well fit elements from the 50s of the last century, when the interiors reigned so-called Stalinist Empire. By the way, the Empire style, born in France, has become widely popular in our country.

Paris apartments photos
If you do not have family heirlooms, you can find a unique item in an antique store or achieve the desired effect by choosing new items that are stylized as old. Elements from past eras can be safely combined with modernity.

Let us live as citizens of St. Petersburg! In this article, we will tell you how to transfer Palace luxury to your apartment and not go broke

The French style in the interior will be a good basis for creating a comfortable romantic space inhabited by special things and special emotions. It remains to add the final touch-fresh pastries.

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