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Pros and cons of natural stone stairs

Characteristics of stairs made of natural stone
Granite and marble stairs are highly valued all over the world due to the following advantages:

high strength and durability;
they are made of environmentally friendly materials;
resistant to wear and moisture;
easy maintenance.
Like any other material, natural stone also has its drawbacks, the main ones being the high weight and price. Therefore, it is necessary to make additional load calculations during construction.

In this article, we will tell you how to add sun and space to an apartment that needs them.

Recently, much has been said about the radiation emanating from such material. However, this is more of a far-fetched problem, since the radiation comes only from igneous rock, and no self-respecting company will supply such products. All modern products must be tested and certified.

Materials for stairs
Most often, marble is used for internal stairs, as it looks elegant at home. For street structures, granite is used because of its high strength. It should be noted that external stairs are not recommended to be polished to avoid slipping in the winter and during the rain

Stone steps can withstand high loads and can serve for thousands of years. In addition, each stage has its own unique pattern, which is peculiar only to natural materials.

What solutions added to the list of anti-trends in interior design in 2018

During construction, balusters and railings are usually made of the same material as the steps. This allows you to create a unique ensemble that will decorate any room. Natural stone is well processed, so often the components of the stairs are real works of art.

As for the cost of stairs made of natural stone, it is always calculated individually. The price depends on the selected material, the degree of processing, the size of the structure and other characteristics. Currently, thanks to modern methods of extraction and processing, natural materials have become available to the majority of the population.
Stairs made of natural stone
Feature of operation
Despite the high cost, these stairs will not require repair and restoration during the life of your children and grandchildren. In addition, natural stone is always in fashion.

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