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Quartz agglomerate from Master Stone

Quartz agglomerate-so called quartz, combined with resins and with the addition of colored impurities. The natural mineral quartz occupies more than 94% of this compound. You can call the alloy obtained in this way an artificial stone, but this is not entirely true. There is a big difference between a completely artificial stone based on acrylic and quartz-the first one does not use natural components.

Method for producing quartz agglomerate
The basis for quartz stone is vein quartz, previously crushed to the state of crumbs. After processing, it is sent for washing, drying and sorting by size. This is followed by a stage of vibropressing materials in vacuum and under high temperature. To give the desired color and texture to the stone, a certain amount of color pigments is added to the quartz and mixed with the base. All of the elements of quartz agglomerate undergo strict quality control. Geography of materials manufacturers: Russia, India, Israel, China, Turkey.
How did neobarocco in the interior today become one of the most popular styles?

The binding material in the composite stone is polyester resin, which firmly binds the elements together. The output is completely identical to the natural material, without the disadvantages inherent in natural stone. As a result of mixing and pressing elements, a stone slab is obtained.

quartz 1
The sizes of quartz agglomerate
Depending on the technical task, slabs can be made of any size, the maximum dimensions are limited only by the capabilities of the equipment. The most common standard sizes of stone slabs are 1440 x 3060 mm.finished products are formed from the slab. With the help of machines, the plate is cut into products of a certain shape and size.

The main advantage of quartz is its strength and durability. Such agglomerates are resistant to temperature changes, and are not afraid of high humidity. The appearance is identical to natural stone, and the agglomerate can be made into a product of individual shape, which is guaranteed to be free of defects.

Quartz stone is actively used in the process of finishing and repairing various rooms. Quartz can be used in private construction, as well as in the decoration of commercial facilities and public areas.

Small rooms prefer open space with functional areas. Interior designers highlight several popular ways of zoning space.

Common areas of artificial stone use:

Facing of various types of countertops.
Finishing of walls, floors, columns, etc.
Production of kitchen sinks.
Covering the steps.
Finishing of pools.
Coating of fireplaces.
Decorating various interior items.

key action 3-min.JPG
The widespread use of quartz stone is due to its durability, ease of processing and unpretentiousness in operation. A large selection of textures, decor and shapes of artificial stone made it a favorite material of designers. It is used to create unique, exclusive interiors that will never lose their relevance, because the classics are timeless.

The Master Stone company always has a large range of artificial stone, with which you can create the interior of your dreams.

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