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Memphis-style that plays into the interior

For the past few years, it has seemed that there are only three styles in the world of interior design: Scandinavian, loft, and classic. Before the start of the new decade, the interiors required changes. Today, pure styles go out of fashion and mix with each other. The trend is eclecticism, individualization of space and bold experiments. It’s all about the Memphis style. Find out where it came from, what it looks like and what it is “eaten” with in modern interiors.

Pop art + Bob Dylan
Most interior styles are shaped by the era and national color. But not Memphis. This style is not historical, but author’s. It was born in Milan, in the 80 – ies of the last century with the light hand of the architect and designer Ettore Sottsassa. Even the exact date of birth is known. On December 11, 1980, Sottsass and friends listened to Bob Dylan’s song “Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again”, which gave the name to the Memphis band.

Memphis participants are postmodernists from the world of design, who completely abandoned interior canons and the traditional understanding of good taste. Using bold pop art as a basis, they created a style even more experimental, fearless and unexpected.
Already in ‘ 88, the Memphis group ceased to exist, giving the world of design an eccentric interior style, which 30 years later returns to fashion.

Everything in the interior should be perfect: color, light, furniture, and accessories. You can spend enough time and money on the selection of each “ingredient”, and some little thing will take and spoil the picture, visually reducing the cost of the interior. We tell you how to avoid this.

The ingredients of style in Memphis
The most recognizable “recipe” of Memphis: the white walls, against which the bloom color spots. The space must contain several active colors in the most daring combinations. This function can be taken over by furniture and accessories, less often by decoration. Primary colors (blue, red, yellow), candy neon shades, or complex muted tones can dominate.

Ceilings in this interior are usually white and minimalistic, without complex structures. A neutral finish or a contrasting geometric print can appear on the floor, such as a tiled chessboard in the spirit of Andre Putman.

Memphis-style furniture is monochrome, with streamlined shapes and rounded lines. This is the interior geometry that has been trending for the past few seasons.
A free combination of textures is welcome. Matte and glossy surfaces, leather and suede, glass, ceramics, metal, wood, and cork may appear in the space. Expensive natural materials can coexist with budget synthetics and acrylic. There are no restrictions.

In the interior is required to present a contrasting print one or several. The most popular geometric shapes are circles, triangles, stripes, Chevron and polka dots. Animalistic, floral, Oriental and other ornaments are also welcome here. Print, as a rule, does not win a lot of space and is introduced into the space as accessories: carpets, decorative pillows, posters and sculptures. Memphis is particularly fond of sculptures. The more avant-garde, the better. This can be not only figurines, but also functional decor: sculptural vases, lamps, book holders.

You can add the prefix “art”to each object in this space.
Memphis plays not only with shapes, but also with proportions. Grotesque decorative objects of monumental dimensions add theatricality to the space. Asymmetry is welcome, but not creative clutter. In this interior, each item has its own place.

Memphis and your interior
Fans of the Memphis style see the interior not so much as a space for life, as a blank canvas for the Creator and an occasion for entertainment. This interior should be treated with a bit of humor. Memphis is suitable for bold creative natures who value freedom of expression and will become an interesting designer for designers who are looking for their own style.

Contrasting, ironic, postmodern Memphis is now back in fashion on the wave of popularity of individualization of space.
5.not everyone is ready to let this style into their home interior, but adding a “pinch” of Memphis to the space is quite simple. article
Designers offer us to create unique spaces by mixing ingredients from different styles. This is more difficult than following a specific style instruction. Let’s try to understand the rules of the new interior game.

It is enough to take a proven scheme: neutral finish + furniture of rounded shapes and several color spots. You can highlight one wall with a bright color, choose an unusual geometric carpet, add contrasting prints with a touch of the 80’s and include Bob Dylan.

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