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5 must-haves for your kitchen from Lanskaya shopping center»

The kitchen is the room that has the maximum household load. There are wet areas, heat, steam, cooking smells, and an increased likelihood of mechanical damage. At the same time, the kitchen in most Russian apartments is also used as a dining area where we gather family and receive guests. The interior of such a room should be comfortable for work and rest. We have collected 5 must-haves for your kitchen that will help make it practical and cozy.

Table tops and sinks made of cast stone
If you like to cook and work surfaces in your kitchen never stand idle, choose a wear-resistant material for them. Our favorite: cast stone.
Small rooms prefer open space with functional areas. Interior designers identify several popular ways of zoning space.

Cast stone products are more affordable and durable than their counterparts from their natural stone counterparts, and are more resistant to scratches than stainless steel and plastic. This surface is not afraid of household chemicals, alcohol and vinegar, and you can clean it with a regular sponge and soapy water.

The absence of pores in the cast stone structure makes it invulnerable to dirt, grease, moisture, odors, microbes and bacteria.
Due to the plasticity of the material, cast stone products can take any shape and size. You can choose the color and texture for your interior.

Cast stone sinks and countertops are light, practical, and warm to the touch. A pleasant moment for perfectionists: seams on such products are completely absent.

Images provided by the performance salon (section B39)

Instantaneous water heater
Among the water heaters there are models that do not look different from conventional faucets. But only in appearance. With this gadget in the kitchen, you will not depend on the whims of the water supply. Thanks to the built-in heating element, the flow-through water heater provides instant hot water supply in the required amount.

Images provided by THERMEX trading house (section A37)
A water heater, also known as an instant heating tap, can be installed on any sink as an advanced alternative to a conventional mixer. It is also easy to use.
Supply ventilation system
Stagnant air does not benefit either the apartment or its inhabitants. Regular airing does not always solve the problem, and even carries a new batch of problems: noise from the street, exhaust gases, drafts, insects. And if there are no Windows in the kitchen area at all, the supply ventilation system is your number one in the list of must — haves.

This system supplies the room with fresh street air that is free of harmful substances. At the same time, you can set a comfortable temperature of the air flow and protect yourself from drafts.

Images provided by Luxor Salon (section A23A)

Lamp above the dining group
From practical solutions to decorative ones. Each area of the kitchen needs proper lighting. One or more low-hanging lamps is a mandatory component of the lighting scenario in a kitchen with a dining group or a bar.

Nameless 1.png
If the General lighting and illumination of work surfaces can be created using “invisible” spotlights and LED-tape, then for the dining area you should choose a decorative option that will take on the role of an interior accent.

Nameless 2.png
The lamp above the dining table will create a warm spot of light and a cozy chamber atmosphere for romantic evenings and family dinners.
Nameless 3.png
Images provided by the Studio ” Interior + Stylish.In Swedish” (section B2a)

Kitchen textiles
The atmosphere is created by details. The final touches of kitchen comfort are textiles. Textile tablecloth-a controversial decision and not too practical, but do not deny yourself the curtains. Moreover, it is in the kitchen that you can give free rein to colors, active prints on textiles look more appropriate here than in any other room.

Nameless 4.png
Current selection: floral motifs and geometric retro prints.
Do not forget about pleasant and practical things: aprons, potholders, towels. There are never many of them.

Nameless 5.png

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