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Interior fashion is changeable, but still not as fast as many people think. Yesterday's trends flow very smoothly and logically into today's and follow not only international trends in furniture…

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Feng Shui in the apartment interior
Feng Shui in the interior: japanordic, Japanese minimalism, wabi-sabifen-Shui in the interior: japanordic, Japanese minimalism, wabi-Sabi Sometimes, I went into an apartment and do not need to be a psychologist…

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What irritates us in the interior and how to avoid it
You can arm yourself with trends, brands, or a professional design project and still get an interior where something is elusive or very noticeably annoying. Let's see how to avoid…

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Treasure of France: interior in the style of Andre Putman

She reinterpreted commercial design, turned the chessboard into art, and paved the way for the interior from the 20th century to the future. An opponent of redundancy and “decor for decor’s sake”, a champion of freedom and minimalism in space, a designer who combined the sensual with the practical, Andre Putman turned her name into a synonym for elegance. Let’s find out what features are characteristic of Putman-style interiors and whether it is possible to “try on” her design techniques on your own interior.

Biography and philosophy
Andre Putman was born in 1925 to a family of bankers from Lyon. Andre graduated from the Paris Conservatoire with a piano degree, but did not connect her life with music. In 20 years, riding a Bicycle, the girl almost got into an accident, then completely rethought her plans.

She threw everything out of her room that she thought was superfluous. As a result, the furnishings of Andre’s bedroom consisted of an iron bed, a chair, and a poster with a picture of Miro.
This story is good because it reflects Putman’s approach to things. in her interiors, they carry either an artistic and emotional or functional load and are always in their places.

In this article, we will tell you how to add sun and space to an apartment that needs them.

Putman gave up her career as a pianist, choosing journalism and design. In the 50s, she worked as a stylist in the Prisunic network, developing “affordable beautiful things” – dishes and home decor.

At the same time, the future style icon writes for leading glossy publications, including articles about design, in which she says that it’s time to rethink the French interior. Andre wants to instill more restraint in interiors and at the same time make them more effective, at the same time sensual and strict. Her author’s style will be built on these contradictions later.

In the 78th year in Putman’s career, a stage begins that brought her world fame. She opens the Ecart Bureau, which produces modernist furniture in the spirit of the 30s, and works in the field of industrial design. Andre designs boutiques, airports, museums, political offices, and luxury hotels around the world. In 97, at the age of 72, the designer opened Studio Putman, which produces collections of furniture, decor and tableware.

Putman was one of the first designers to demonstrate universal talent. She could subordinate any object of the subject world to her aesthetics: from a hotel hall to a perfume bottle.
Luxury and minimalism
A landmark in the designer’s career is the 84th year when Putman is commissioned to design the interior of the Morgans hotel in new York. In this project, she managed to clearly Express her aesthetic position: no outright luxury and fabulous costs, functionality, rationalism and comfort. It is in this hotel that the chess cage first appears, which will later become the designer’s business card.

Interior of the Morgans hotel in new York

Andre Putman’s interiors are usually called minimalistic, but this is a special kind of minimalism, not like either rational Scandinavian or ascetic Japanese. Putman interiors have a place of luxury, but it is shown in a restrained and elegant way. Elite art objects can coexist with the simplest materials. Originality in the aesthetics of Putman is not the main thing, a reasonable approach to the interior comes first.

9.castol Correspondances for Bisazza

The chessboard motif, which has settled in the interiors with Putman’s light hand, is both simple and unusual, it breaks out of the monotony of the classics, but never reaches kitsch.
Andre Putman and your interior
Which of Putman’s design finds can take root in your interior? The simplest technique is to clash black and white colors, but against the background of almost complete absence of other shades.

You can “try on” your favorite Putman cell. In a modern interior, it will look organically in the decoration of the kitchen and bathroom. The “chessboard” can be tiled on the floor, walls, or kitchen apron. You need to understand that this solution in the interior attracts a lot of attention.

The chessboard can be added to the interior in a dosed manner, using pillows, carpets, and other decorations that can be replaced at any time.
chess Board in the interior
If you are inspired by the Putman aesthetic, bet on simple, concise furniture in neutral colors. Simple lines, convenience and nothing extra.

Euroformat apartments, where the living room is combined with the kitchen, are one of the most popular offers on the market today. Studios are in particular demand. At the same time, the issue of dividing space into functional zones is quite acute. We will tell you about the basic principles of zoning a Studio apartment of 25-30 sq. m.

Andre Putman’s General rules can be formulated as follows: we look for beauty in simplicity, we serve everything luxurious elegantly, we think rationally, and if there is decor in the space, then these are not trinkets, but objects that have artistic value or cause pleasant emotions.

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