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How to make a designer interior without a designer

Creating a harmonious interior “from the cover” without the help of a professional designer is an ambitious, difficult, but doable task. We have four tips that you can use on your way to the dream interior.

Consider the scale
Incorrectly selected sizes of furniture and accessories can spoil the entire impression of the situation. Do not clutter a small room with low ceilings bulky cupboards and cabinets. And Vice versa-do not hang a small lonely picture on an empty wall that goes to the ceiling height of 4 meters. A big room is a big picture.

How to start your own apartment interior design

From this rule there are pitfalls. If the area is tight, you can come to a logical decision: let all the furniture in a small room be small, too. This path may be false. By placing a small sofa, a small chair, and a small table in a small living room, you risk getting a comical effect of “visiting hobbits”. It’s better to have less furniture than a lot of small furniture.
One large sofa can fit seamlessly into the interior of a small room, the main thing is that the company he did not make massive chairs and cabinets.

Follow the ” rule of three»
Symmetry is a simple and logical way to place a furniture group in the interior. Light asymmetry is a design secret that allows you to get away from excessive rigor in the environment. The so-called rule of three applies more to the location of the decor. The essence is simple: we have items in groups of three.

According to this rule, two decorative elements on a shelf or coffee table will become a complete composition if you add a third to them, and three pictures on the wall are always better than two.
It is not necessary to stop at the magic number three, the point is to give preference to odd numbers in the decor.

We bet on invoices
This advice can be formulated as follows: the fewer colors in the interior, the more textures should be. If you choose a neutral color scheme, be sure to connect different elements.

The eternal classic of the Russian interior-a space decorated in brown and beige tones, risks getting faceless if you do not place accents. The same applies to totally bright Scandinavian spaces. Do not trust color spots-choose textures. The luster of metal, the smoothness or roughness of stone, the “warmth” and natural pattern of wood, the folk color of ceramics, the “touchiness” of shaggy carpets and fluffy blankets – the best way to enrich the interior.

Textures make the interior a “richer”, not only visually, but also tactilely.
You can choose natural materials-choose natural ones. First of all, this applies to textiles. Bedspreads, pillows, and tablecloths should be made of a natural fabric that is pleasant to the touch.

Spying and copying
Before the advent of the Internet, people went to their neighbors to watch their renovation, so that they could do no worse at home. In the information age, we have access to visual content from all over the world. How to furnish apartments in megacities and equip country houses in the suburbs, what trends broke out at interior exhibitions, and what have gone off the horizon-a sea of information and inspiration online.

Even if you already have a clear picture of the future interior in your head, still do not neglect Internet resources. Do your own little research on interior portals or just flip through the images on request. Suddenly, some picture will respond to your heart and make you completely change your interior plans.

There is nothing wrong with copying, without it, no interior style would have been formed. Make exactly “as in the picture” most likely will not work, but you do not need it, just be inspired by individual elements, colors, geometry, layout… and adjust them to yourself. Individualization is in the trend.
To avoid drowning in a sea of ideas, get yourself a folder with references in which you will save all your favorite images (“here I like the lamp”, “here is a kitchen apron”, “here is the right shade of blue”). Build your own interior from your favorite elements.

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Creating a harmonious interior "from the cover" without the help of a professional designer is an ambitious, difficult, but doable task. We have four tips that you can use on…