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Forecast: what will be fashionable in the interior in 2020

We will find out what is waiting for interior design in 2020: whether new trends will Mature, what logical continuation will be received by fashion trends of this year, what colors, styles and materials will occupy the first lines of the interior hit parade.

Let there be color
The world of interior design trusts color forecasts to the Pantone color Institute. There are grounds. This company does not point a finger at the sky — Pantone researchers analyze moods and color preferences in different areas of human activity and on the basis of this, each year they create a fashionable palette. Since 2000, Pantone has traditionally announced the most popular shade of the year, which will carry the palm on the catwalks, in web design and interiors. Last year, the favorite was the cheerful “Living Coral”(“Living coral”).The main color of the upcoming year according to Pantone has not yet been named, but there is reason to believe that it will be a shade inspired by the sea: aquamarine, or” oceanic ” blue.
Nameless 3.png
According to other sources, mint color will become an absolute hit in the interiors of 2020. Time will tell.

Designers offer us to create unique spaces by mixing ingredients from different styles. This is more difficult than following a specific style instruction. Let’s try to understand the rules of the new interior game.

Analyzing the world’s interior exhibitions and autumn-winter palette from the same Pantone, you can make a list of other relevant colors. In the trend: spicy yellows, earthy Browns, “space” Blues, “forest” greens, dark wine, powdered peach and blue tones.

Colors from the Pantone palette autumn / winter 2019/2020

Mix but not shake
The trend for space personalization is not going to give up. It loudly declared itself last year and boldly began to disable clean interior styles.

Designers offer to abandon the verified style proportions, play with volumes and textures, mix elements of different nationalities and eras and populate the interior with unique things. Easier said than done. You can mix different-style ingredients in one ” recipe “and get a new delicious” dish “or a strange-tasting”vinaigrette”.

We give you a tip: if you decide to mix styles without the participation of a professional designer, choose a neutral finish, and entrust the role of unique accents to accessories. This can be: blankets, decorative pillows, curtains, carpets, frames, posters, and so on — everything that is easy to replace if the ingredients are disharmonious.
Where to find unique items? Choose interior salons instead of mass market and do not hesitate to buy things with a history: Souvenirs from trips, family heirlooms and hand-made items.

Eco era
Not so long ago, eco-interior was presented to us as a fashion trend, today there is no concept of eco-interior — eco-friendly natural materials penetrate into any interior style and feel very good against the background of style mixing.

These are familiar and neutral materials: wood, stone, metal, cork, paper, glass. And materials with a pronounced eco-flavor: rattan wicker furniture, linen, wool and silk textiles,pottery.

Roughness, irregularities, and other signs of manual labor are only welcome.
There is an abundance of decorative plants in the trend, and floral motifs are in the TOP 10 of popular prints. From the tropics on the walls, everyone is a little tired, but the floral print is firmly served as an immortal classic.

The room returned in the room
Combined spaces and open layouts are going out of fashion. Rooms that flow smoothly into other rooms no longer turn designers ‘ heads. Open plans feel good in industrial-scale loft spaces, but not in an ordinary city apartment. In most cases, this approach is uncomfortable in everyday life.

A person needs privacy, and living space needs zoning.
In Russian interiors, the open-plan fashion was limited to combining the kitchen with the living room. In the present case, this solution is included in the list of anti-trends. Doors and partitions grow between the functional areas. To allow light to move freely in the interior, to leave a feeling of airiness, but to highlight areas and provide noise isolation, designers offer a compromise-glass partitions.

A retrospective of the interior
Fashion rotates in a circle, reinterpreting itself again and again. This year, designers actively revived the middle and second half of the last century. Elements of mid-century modern and experimental Memphis have returned to the light. Also, elements of styles at the dawn of the 20th century were reinterpreted: smooth art Nouveau and contrasting art Deco. In 2020, the interior retrospective will still be relevant.

Everything retro finds reinterpretation in modern colors, forms and materials.
Nameless 2.png
A very convenient trend for those who have things from the Soviet past lying around in their cottages and mezzanines, today they can be elegantly entered into the decor on the basis of a mix of styles.

If the interior can be determined exactly in what year and in the Wake of what fashion trends it was created, then there are a couple of former trends in the space that have already irritated everyone’s eyes.
No interior trend is an axiom or a rule. If your tastes and fashion trends run counter, you can find a compromise or choose what you like without regard to fashion. By the way, this way it is easiest to come to the individualization of space and still get into one of the fashion trends.

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