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3 inspiring interiors from Soviet films

Old Soviet cinema is a constant component of new year holidays and home comfort. We have memorized every turn of the plot of our favorite movies and repeat the lines after the characters, while the interiors of Soviet films also deserve attention. We do not encourage you to reproduce in detail at home the situation of a bygone era, but we suggest you to spy a few decorative techniques and be inspired by your favorite movies.

“Irony of fate or with light steam»
The ironic component of the story is tied to the sameness of Soviet life: identical residential areas and high-rise buildings. The apartments of that time were also similar as twin brothers. However, the interiors in which the main characters live have a number of characteristic features.

It is considered a relic of the past in modern apartments and try to remove it during redevelopment; such a narrow room strongly “eats” the functional and visual space.

At first glance, we have two identical “two-kopecks” on the street of Builders, but if you look closely, you can see that the interiors bear the imprint of the character’s personality. In Nadia’s apartment, we see a sewing machine, a mannequin and charming decorative details: a tray with zhostovsky painting and tin cans painted under Gzhel. In Lukashin’s apartment, the eye catches a heart-shaped mirror and an “intelligent” piano.

Despite the recognizable features of the current MFA century, in modern realities, the situation looks sparse. It is especially sad to look at a typical kitchen and bathroom. But this movie interior has a lot to learn, for example, how to mix mass-market and” piece ” things and achieve an expressive effect with small means.
Nameless 2.png
Attention should be paid to the walls of a deep dark shade. This color scheme creates a distinctive chamber environment, which contrasts with the yellow-striped Wallpaper that we see in the hallway, and the bright textile seats of the chairs.

Nameless 3.png
“Moscow does not believe in tears»
What luxury is in Soviet style is illustrated by Menshov’s Oscar-winning film “Moscow does not believe in tears”. We are talking about a chic apartment of Professor Tikhomirov, in which the main characters temporarily live. Against the background of the austere atmosphere of the era of scarcity, the Professor’s apartment demonstrates a good interior, imbued with the spirit of the pre-war Russian manor.

Nameless 4.png
The floor is parquet, red carpet and carpet. Massive carved furniture, a solid library and chandeliers made of Bohemian glass look organic in a bright room with high ceilings.

Our favorite in this interior is a round dining table made of wood. This retro element in its massive Soviet design, or its lighter modern version, will take root in interiors in Scandinavian, French or classical style. This dining area, correctly highlighted with light, will become an organic link between the kitchen and the living room on an open plan.

Nameless 5.png
If the road to modern interiors is ordered for bulky Soviet walls, antique carved furniture today looks relevant in both urban and country space.

It is possible to increase the degree of stylization and add authentic elements: the romantic manor of tablecloths and delicate napkins. All this can be safely mixed with modern furniture, decor and lighting. Mixing styles and eras is a current trend.
You can play with” grandma’s ” decor, for example, insert a crocheted napkin into the frame and decorate the wall.

«Diamond hand»
In 2020, designers pay tribute to the mid-20th century, inspired by the brevity and originality of mid-century. This style flourished on Western soil, but many characteristic elements also permeated the Soviet interiors of the era of scarcity. The example of the Soviet Ministry of foreign Affairs of century one bedroom apartment Gorbunkova couple of the iconic films of Gaidai.

Nameless 6.png
Laconic sideboard in the shade of “walnut”, chairs and chairs on thin legs-the current situation of the mid-20th century.
The interior of a two-room Khrushchev in Sochi may seem too ascetic, but an experienced eye will immediately find signs of financial well-being here: varnished parquet instead of linoleum, expensive dishes with paintings, decorative screens on batteries. By the way, the minimalistic layout here is also not a sign of a deficit. In the 60s, this solution was in trend.

Nameless 7.png
Soviet relics from the time of the “Diamond hand” will fit harmoniously into the stylized modern interior. “Grandma’s” sets and Soviet statuettes are no longer old, but vintage chic.

This technology came to us from America, as well as many other advanced techniques. It is no secret that in the forties of the 20th century, when polymers were invented daily in large quantities in different parts of the world, America became a leader in the creation of equipment and technology for processing polymers. From there, we received sprayed insulation with polyurethane foam, composite materials, waterproofing with polymers, and much more. While the Soviet Union and European countries were fighting fascism, America participated in the synthetic revolution. Therefore, what has become a novelty for us in the 21st century has become familiar and commonplace in the other hemisphere. And that’s why we had to bring advanced technology and equipment from the United States. We also brought the matrix of the bath, the shower tray, and most of the sinks from overseas. Therefore, the bath is spacious and roomy, as well as the shower, the sinks are also designed for a large kitchen in the style of American classics. We tried to adapt the new products to Russian realities: they are more compact and elegant.

The whole secret is in the correct dosage. In order for the apartment not to become a Museum of Soviet life, elements of a bygone era must coexist with modern furniture, a well-thought-out lighting scenario and current trends.

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