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Scandinavian style in a new way: what has changed

A couple of years ago, the pages of interior publications were white – white from Scandinavian interiors. Light, laconic, cozy Scandinavian style has found its admirers all over the world. Even now, when pure styles are going out of fashion, and the legislators of tastes write Scandinavian “total white” in the anti-trend, many are not yet ready to part with the Northern interior. You don’t have to give up what you like. Designers offer to breathe new life into the Scandinavian interior by adding colors and elements from other styles.

First, let’s make a reservation: the Scandinavian style in its classic Russian interpretation has gone out of fashion: minimalism + white walls. Many components of the Scandinavian interior do not lose their relevance: natural materials, cozy textures and practicality. But from white minimalism eyes are tired. The color scheme, built on the contrast of black and white, in the Scandinavian version also looks jaded, especially now, when the design world is dominated by beautiful deep complex shades.

A popular format for modern housing is Studio apartments. Small dimensions dictate the need for maximum functionality of each square meter. How to make compactness not only convenient, but also beautiful? Let’s talk about the basic design principles of a small Studio apartment.

The recipe is simple: take the classic Scandi and add color. But we do it in a dosed manner, giving an intense shade only one accent wall or furniture group. If you choose deep dark tones, balance their presence in the room with a light finish of the floor and ceiling and an abundance of natural light.
The ideal candidates for the role of an accent wall in a reinterpreted Scandinavian interior will be natural shades of green, wine tones and the most relevant color of 2020 — classic blue.

If you want to leave the space as light as possible, you can opt out of contrasting dark shades. But not the white one… An alternative to the white space will be gray and dusty pastel colors. Any natural shade will fit seamlessly into the light space. Among the favorites: unbleached flax and cool mint. Pearl grey is the perfect companion for light wood.

If there is not much light in the room, choose warming shades: mustard, pumpkin, sand.

In 2020, the focus is on mixing styles. Minimalistic design takes a back seat, and designers want more detail and uniqueness. In the Scandinavian soil, elements of loft, eco, retro, neoclassical, rustic and boho are well established. The last style mix even has a name: Scandi-boho. These styles are United by a love of relaxation and natural textures.

The minimalistic Scandinavian base becomes a blank canvas for detailed and multi-layered boho.
If you are most attracted to conciseness in Northern aesthetics, Scandi-boho will not suit you, but you may be interested in an alternative-a fundamentally different tandem of styles, called japanordic. This interior hybrid is an ideal option for those who see beauty in simplicity.

Japanese and Nordic aesthetics are combined on the basis of a love of minimalism and naturalness.
What styles of Scandinavian should not be mixed with? Contraindicated: strict art Deco, too decorative art Nouveau, heavy British classics and Baroque style with a completely opposite message.

Scandinavian style is able to adapt to modern trends and individual tastes, continuing to stand on its three “pillars”: light, practicality and naturalness.

Northern aesthetics tend to be simple, but it allows you to use expensive finishing materials. I want gilding, marble and velvet instead of linen-please. Add them to the bright Scandi space as interior accents. The main thing is not to get carried away, the elements of luxury in the Scandinavian interior are introduced in doses, he does not like excesses.

Scandi is friends with trends. On its basis, the current mid-century furniture and geometric retro prints look good in 2020. The newly fashionable “Eastern cucumber” will perfectly take root on Scandinavian textiles. The current narrow tile will fit seamlessly into the Scandinavian bathroom.

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