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5 unsuccessful combinations in the interior: do not repeat this house

In the world of interior design, there are controversial solutions, there are some that can be said to be “Amateur”, but there are also frankly failed combinations. We have collected the TOP 5 unsuccessful combinations in the interior, which should be avoided.

White walls + white furniture
Even when the Scandinavian “total white” was in the trend, the combination of “white walls + white furniture” was poorly adapted to life. Such interiors look good on the pages of glossy magazines, but in a real apartment, the white space has obvious disadvantages. First of all, this is not practical, especially if children live in the apartment.

In this article, we will tell you how to add sun and space to an apartment that needs them.

White color visually expands the space. This is true, but it can turn against you. It would seem that the smaller the room, the whiter it must be in order to appear larger. In fact, you can get the effect of a hospital room, living in such an interior is psychologically uncomfortable.
This can be avoided if you correctly combine textures and place accents. Examples in the photo.

Scandinavian “total white” is no longer in fashion, designers recommend paying attention to complex muted shades. But if you really want snow white, try it. The main thing is to correctly “work” with textures and be a fan of cleaning in non-stop mode.

Wardrobe + photo printing
Palm trees, sunsets, waterfalls, wolves howling at the moon… photo printing on the front of the wardrobe is a characteristic sign of the noughties, which has repeatedly appeared in the list of anti-trends, but still survived in Russian apartments.

This combination will reduce the cost of any interior.
Today, wardrobes are becoming as inconspicuous as possible. An actual solution is a built-in design that is” disguised “to match the color of the walls or a Cabinet that has completely “dropped” the case. In the case of the latter, we are already dealing with a dressing room, from the wardrobe there are only compartment doors.

Mirror facades “work” well — they reflect light and visually expand the space, but it is better to refuse drawings on mirrors.

Photo printing is not held in high esteem not only on cabinets, but also on kitchen aprons. The only place where she is still welcome is an accent wall with photo Wallpapers. The mural in the right hands can work wonders with the space. The main thing is not to miss the image. In interior salons, you can choose photo Wallpapers and panels that do not contradict modern trends and good taste. This can be actual abstract images, reproductions of paintings, photo-imitation of natural texture.

Palace chandelier + low ceiling
In the era of scarcity and for a long time in the post-Soviet space, the Palace chandelier “with hangers” was an integral part of the interior of a large room — the so-called hall. From spacious stalinok with endless ceilings, the elegant accessory moved to Khrushchev, where it was out of place. This also applies to most modern apartments. A bulky chandelier on a low suspension does not fit well with a ceiling below 3 meters.

If you really want to see a chandelier in the “hall”, look at the horn lamps on a small suspension and models that are attached directly to the ceiling.

4.Besobrasova provided by the company “Alphabet of light” (session B26)
Never stop at one light source in a room. A comfortable light scenario should be functional, and therefore multi-component.
Complex window drapery + small square footage
Another unnecessary accessory in a small size — heavy curtains with complex drapery. Such textiles belong in the throne rooms in the company of crystal chandeliers, in a small room it will visually ” eat ” the space.

You should also give up heavy fabrics. It is considered bad form to sew curtains and bedspreads from the same material.

Textiles should overlap with each other, but not be identical, the “blanket” on the window looks strange.
Choose long, floor-touching curtains made of weightless, flowing material. To visually extend the room, attach the cornice under the ceiling.

Overabundance of colors + children’s room
Bright colors have an exciting effect on the psyche. Is it any wonder that a child does not want to sleep if he has a bed in the form of a red racing car, bed linen with superheroes, colorful toys around, and posters of all colors of the rainbow on the walls?

Designers recommend avoiding an overabundance of colors in the nursery, but you do not need to go to extremes. The main thing is to avoid active color spots in the recreation area (let a bright poster hang behind the head of the bed, but not in front of the child’s eyes) and behind the student’s workplace.
Rooms in neutral colors also look boring.

Remember: as the child grows up, the nursery will “acquire” new accessories that meet his taste and lifestyle. A practical solution is to choose an initially neutral background for them.

What is this style-contemporary?

We told you how to do not need to, as you need to tell the TC “Lanskaya”.

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