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Feng Shui in the apartment interior
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Apartment in Oriental style
Fashion to the East has long and firmly conquered the West. Being at the crossroads of civilizations, we combine the features of both cultures. Living according to the clear and…

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5 legendary interiors from popular TV series

Interiors from your favorite TV shows seem as familiar as your own apartment. And not by accident. Production artists specially make the main locations so cozy that when we look at the screen, we feel at home. And TV interiors can inspire changes in your own apartment. Find out what design techniques can be spied in famous TV series.

The familiar interior of Monica’s apartment from the TV series “Friends” is a complete hit in modern trends. Elements from different styles and eras blend seamlessly in a recognizable setting. Modernity is next to vintage. There are retro posters of French Department stores on the walls, and a rare poster from the 1980 Olympic games in the bedroom. An antique wooden table in the kitchen area is surrounded by mismatched chairs that have changed from season to season. Identical seat cushions turn them into a single set.

Remember the empty decorative frame above the peephole? According to the legend, someone from the film crew accidentally broke the mirror, and the remaining frame was temporarily attached to the front door. The decor has taken root and turned into the most recognizable element in the style of “Friends”.
Nameless 3.png
The legendary TV apartment is not afraid of color, just remember the lavender walls, green doors, aquamarine kitchen sets and red loft bricks. In order not to overload the interior with color, the furniture group in the living room is selected in neutral light colors, but supplemented with colorful accessories.

In this article we will look at the 5 most popular methods of organizing warmth and comfort in an apartment during the winter holidays

The interior, like the series itself, turned out to be cozy and not boring. To style your living space in the style of “Friends”, first of all you should rely on the color scheme. Purple walls will do the job. Give up Wallpaper in favor of paint. Add recognizable elements: similar posters and the same frame.

«Big bang theory»
Another sitcom that won worldwide love, and another work by John Schaffner-the production designer from “Friends”. His locations were again cozy and full of interesting details.

Each interior in the series is designed to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the owner. Most of the shooting time went to the apartment of Sheldon and Leonard. What we see here: souvenir trinkets from shops of comic books, a telescope, a model of DNA in human growth… Every object in space eloquently declares that scientists live here and they are geeks.

Nameless 5.png
The center of the composition becomes a cozy leather sofa, where the characters of the series often gather. The sofa is accompanied by chairs from different collections and a low table. To refuse a ready-made set and assemble a furniture group in the living room from original items is an actual solution.

Another recognizable feature is the abundance of books on open shelves. Here we want to recall the quote of the great American decorator Billy Baldwin: “The most beautiful room in the world is a room full of books…”.

Nameless 6.png
The main message of this TV interior is not to be afraid to show individuality in the object world. When things around you reflect your views on life, then the space looks really residential and cozy. This approach is better than blindly following fashion trends. Ironically, this is the hottest trend.
As for styling, it’s all about recognisable elements again. If buying a leather sofa or filing Cabinet, as in the series — is too serious a decision, add recognizable little things: striped covers for decorative pillows and collectible figures of superheroes.

The apartment with the legendary address of 221 b Baker street is an excellent example of a modern adaptation of strict British classics. Like the 2010 series itself.

It is based on a neutral color scheme, intimacy and aesthetics of Victorian England. Add to all this a creative mess that reflects the rebellious spirit of the main character, dilute democratic elements from the mass market and bold design decor and here it is-the apartment of Sherlock Holmes.

Nameless 8.png
To style the interior in the spirit of your favorite TV series, take as a basis the native British interior stamps: checkered plaid, curtains on the Windows, a home library and, of course, a fireplace — not necessarily a wood-burning one, the same style-forming effect will give a false fireplace or an electric model.

Feel free to combine such details with something bold and modern, as do the production artists of the series. Let’s remember the poster with the skull and the real skull of a bison… in the headphones.

Nameless 9.png
A striking example of the clash of contrasts in this interior: the stylish leather chair of the main character opposite the classic tapestry, on which Watson sits.
Nameless 7.png
A recognizable element will be an accent wall covered with Wallpaper with heraldic lilies. If you are a true fan, don’t forget to draw a yellow smiley face on the Wallpaper. Elementary!

“Sex and the city»
When we think of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, the first thing that comes to mind is a smart dressing room. But the whole situation deserves attention. The decorators were able to convey the main character’s way of thinking and lifestyle through the object world.

Carrie’s apartment is a match for her — just as unconventional and open. In the center of the room is the kitchen, most of the miniature bedroom was won over by a huge bed, there are no interior doors between the bedroom and the living room, the Furniture is mismatched, nothing heavy, only a romantic fusion.
Nameless 12.png
The main thing here is not functionality, but freedom of creativity. This is evident in the most unpretentious interior of the kitchen. The main character does not differ in economy, and does not use the stove only to light a cigarette. You won’t see a large dining table here either, and Carrie eats wherever she likes.

Nameless 10.png
In the series, the legendary interior appeared before us in neutral light colors, in the movie sequel, Carrie’s apartment has undergone significant changes. A color appeared: a soothing blue-and-blue palette. This color scheme can be used as a basis to style the interior in the spirit of a freedom-loving apartment in Manhattan.

Nameless 11.png
Blue walls are paired with light furniture from different styles. Unobtrusive floral prints and coffee tables with glass tops are welcome. A recognizable element is a bright carpet with a large geometric print.

This series simply could not get into our list, because it demonstrates one of the most stylish eras of the last century-the beginning of the 60s.

Nameless 13.png
Interiors in the Mid Century style appear in recognizable juicy colors, richly flavored with polished wood and geometric prints.

Nameless 333333.png
A similar print on the Wallpaper will be enough to give your interior a taste of the middle of the last century. Complete the picture with furniture on thin lacquered legs and retro decor. This can be both stylized gizmos and Soviet relics. Vinyl records, an old tape recorder, or a disk phone will look good on the bookshelf.

“In close quarters, but not in offense” – this saying we know from childhood. But how annoying it is when the apartment does not have enough space for comfort and comfort, and even the walls seem to press. Do not worry: in this article we will tell you how to equip a small kitchen of 5-6 square meters.

All locations in the series are historically accurate, so you can safely use it as an interior instruction and source of inspiration.

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