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Why the interior looks cheap and how to fix it

Everything in the interior should be perfect: color, light, furniture, and accessories. You can spend enough time and money on the selection of each “ingredient”, and some little thing will take and spoil the picture, visually reducing the cost of the interior. We tell you how to avoid this.

A trifle, but unpleasant
The devil hides in the details. The most respectable environment can reduce the cost of annoying little things. These include cheap accessories.
Based on communication with the designers of the Lanskaya shopping complex, we have prepared for you five key errors in the interior and ways to fix them.

Even if the furniture is made of noble materials, simple basic accessories can reduce the overall impression. And Vice versa-high-quality designer accessories will raise the “status” of a simple furniture set. The complete absence of accessories, for example on a kitchen set, also looks expensive.
Do not skimp on outlets and switches. It only seems that they will not be conspicuous. They can become both a pleasant addition and an expressive decorative detail, and simplify the situation.

Remember that plastic looks out of place in “rich” interiors decorated in a classic style. Even a “spoon” of plastic in a barrel of interior honey can spoil the picture. For example: cheap plastic curtain rods and white plastic window sills.
All or nothing
Sometimes it seems that fashion trends contradict each other. On the one hand, we are called to minimalism, functional decor and the rejection of useless dust collectors. On the other hand, designers offer to show individuality and decorate the living space with cute little things. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

“Naked” minimalism with completely hidden storage systems and lack of accessories can look impressive on the pages of interior magazines. However, it is difficult to imagine that a real family can live in such an environment, especially with children. There is no point in trying to hide all the little things behind the facades of storage systems. It will look more strange and empty than stylish.
Nameless 5.png
But the mess on the shelves will also reduce the overall impression. Arrange accessories in thematic groups, without trying to show all the best at once. Example in the photo.

Luxury of the noughties
Multi-tiered ceilings from the time of European repairs, sandblasted drawings on mirrors and glass doors, photo printing with palm trees and sunsets on wardrobes — all this should remain in the past. By 2020, the list of anti-brands also included photo printing on kitchen aprons.

Light and color
It is difficult to assess the comfort of the situation, if it is hiding in the shadows. The reason is a poor and boring light scenario. The outdated scheme of the times of the interior deficit “chandelier + two sconces” is uncomfortable for your eyes and has a bad effect on the interior.

Don’t skimp on light sources. With their help, you can not only highlight functional areas, but also highlight interior accents: art objects, furniture, and accessories. In the hands of a skilled designer, lighting itself can turn into a decorative object.

Nameless 3.png
Don’t avoid color. Neutral doesn’t mean stylish. The monotonous beige interior will look more like a hotel room.

So that you don’t have to Google “how to liven up the interior”, choose a palette with interesting shades. And not necessarily bright. Complex dusty and deep tones look expensive.
Nameless 4.png
Just like people
If when you look at the interior, you don’t get the feeling of “I’ve seen it somewhere”, it’s because you’ve already seen it. The reason for this deja vu is the interior mass market.

There is nothing wrong with the mass market itself if you don’t get carried away. Otherwise, you are depriving the environment of individuality, which is currently synonymous with respectability. It is not necessary to completely abandon finishing materials or furniture from the mass market, the main thing is to dilute such a situation with more rare instances and unique things.
What solutions added to the list of anti-trends in interior design in 2018

Try to avoid the most recognizable accessories. You don’t want to recognize the poster that hangs over your bed, in the interior of every third cafe? In the mass market, it is better to buy more neutral basic things. Look for unusual decor in the salons of Lanskaya shopping center.

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