Zoning in the interior: how to enter the comfort zone
According to Internet wisdom: before you step out of your comfort zone, it is necessary first to enter it. In the Wake of the popularity of open layouts, interiors began…

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Artificial stone in a modern interior (part 2)
This technology came to us from America, as well as many other advanced techniques. It is no secret that in the forties of the 20th century, when polymers were invented…

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Artificial stone in a modern interior (part 2)
This technology came to us from America, as well as many other advanced techniques. It is no secret that in the forties of the 20th century, when polymers were invented…

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How to mix: rules for combining styles

More recently, the world of interior design was dominated by clean styles: industrial loft with” stripped ” to the bricks walls, white Scandinavian minimalism, charming aged Provence and timeless classics. To collect such a space, it is enough to follow the rules of styling: loft to loft, Scandinavian to Scandinavian. On the threshold of a new decade, clean styles have become boring for everyone. Designers offer us to create unique interiors by mixing ingredients from different styles. This is more difficult than following a specific style instruction. Let’s try to understand the rules of the new interior game.

Neutral finish + accents
There are several ways to harmoniously combine different style elements in the interior. The easiest way is to choose a neutral finish for the walls, floor and ceiling, which will serve as a blank canvas. On the background of the canvas, I can bloom accents — color spots and elements from different styles.

What ingredients make up the French interior and can the Bohemian atmosphere of Paris take root on the basis of a Russian apartment?

This principle is the basis of interior experiments: pop art, kitsch, Memphis. These styles are distinguished by an abundance of expressive art objects, if you do not choose a neutral background for them, everything will inevitably end in a motley mess.

Another example of mixing styles on the principle of “neutral finish + accents” is a typical Parisian interior.

Nameless 2.png
We take as a basis: neutral parquet (laminate) + light walls without print + white minimalistic ceiling. We populate the space with art objects, interesting vintage items and hand-made items.
Tone to tone
Even a neutral finish may not protect you from color disharmony. There is a way to avoid it. Choosing furniture and decor from different interior styles, choose identical or related shades.

A harmonious color scheme will help to combine different-style elements in the space.
Nameless 3.png
Not only shades can echo, but also prints on furniture and accessories.

Style at the core
The easiest way to “dance” from a certain style. Let’s see how to do this using the example of a loft.

We take a clean loft as a basis and “soften” – we reduce the degree of industrial styling. In this case, this means abandoning the original red brick loft in favor of more domesticated painted or plastered walls. It is interesting to look at decorative plaster “under concrete”, which will provide an industrial flavor and will not be as obtrusive as a red brick. If you like the brick very much, choose a different shade.

Nameless 4.png
Chose a loft finish — give up the typical loft accessories, such as “water” fixtures.
Soften the interior with a cozy textured textile. The loft can be organically mixed with Scandinavian style, boho, British classics, and even “expensive” art Deco and Baroque. Of course, this will require some skill. Here you should ask for help from a professional designer, or look for ideas in interior magazines.

Furniture that does not fit the situation
This item can be used as a basic rule for a mixed interior.

It’s simple: does the furniture fit your interior? Yes? So it doesn’t fit. Hot trend: place furniture in the interior that seems the least suitable. The room has concrete loft walls? Set up a velvet sofa with a carriage tie on the back. Do you have a herringbone parquet floor? Put rattan wicker furniture on it.
Nameless 5.png
We refuse standard furniture sets, we collect them independently from different ingredients. The most mismatched chairs can gather around the table, and to make the picture look harmonious, such elements must combine color, texture, shape, or era.

A designer sofa from the new collections can seamlessly coexist with a vintage chair that was inherited from my grandmother, if you combine them due to similar upholstery. BUT: try not to combine natural texture and its imitation in one space.

Interior design of a small apartment: ideas and photos
Main rule
The trend of mixing styles in one interior does not aim to complicate your life. On the contrary, its task is to adapt the space for you.

Nameless 6.png
The main thing that should combine ingredients of different styles — they should like you. This can be dear family heirlooms, Souvenirs from trips, finds from antique stores, your own hand-made items or children’s crafts. These things will be United in space by their own history and what you see when you look at them.

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