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Where to start building a house?

Buy a ready-made house or build your own? The second option is attractive because you will get a country object that is fully adapted to your tastes and needs — a House with a capital letter. How to approach it? We give several guidelines for starting the construction of a country house.

Since the beginning
You have chosen a location and approximately determined the construction budget. How to start building a house on a plot? A typical project will be the fastest and most likely the most cost-effective solution. If time and money allow, choose an individual approach and look for a contractor who will take over both construction and design. Before you contact a construction company, contact yourself: outline the architecture and layout of the building, choose the style you like, and consider the functional areas. It will not be superfluous to arrange an Internet investigation on the topic of suburban architecture. All this information will be useful when communicating with the contractor.

Today we will talk about how these flavors migrated to the interior, and what role they began to play.

Remember: the task of a construction company is not to offer ready-made solutions. Individual construction should adapt to your ideas and offer the most rational ways to implement them.
Nameless 4.png
Let the starting point be your cherished country dream: an attic, a fireplace, endless ceilings, a roof terrace, or maybe a bright dining room with panoramic Windows overlooking the pine forest? Gather all other ideas around it.
We communicate with the contractor
Having decided on your own desires, you need to convey them to the construction company.

What should happen at this stage:

The contractor listens to your wishes and determines the project’s objectives.
You decide on the budget.
Decide on the architecture.
Determine the materials: Foundation, walls, ceilings, roof, exterior decoration, insulation.
You get a full set of working drawings.

The construction of a country house has begun. Here you must decide what you want from the construction company: a ” box “that will be brought to mind by other contractors, or a “turnkey” project . The “turnkey” project is good because it will help you avoid many mistakes before the start of construction, optimize its stages and stay within the budget. A construction company can develop a unique architectural project or adapt one of the standard ones to your needs.

Nameless 3.png
A conscientious contractor must take into account all the features of your land: terrain, landscape, height of the nearest buildings.

The location and layout of the country house will depend on the lighting of the site. In the main rooms, it is necessary to provide sufficient access to natural light. If the terrain is good, think about viewports. Good lighting is an optional condition for the bathroom, washroom and storage systems, they can be located in the Northern part of the building.
Nameless 5555.png
Before the start of construction of a country house on the site, the location of the well, communications, septic tanks, garage and other buildings is planned. This must be done so as not to slip at the stage of excavation.

Submit a notification
As of 2019, we do not receive a construction permit, but submit a notice of planned construction.
The document contains information about the developer, the site and the parameters of the future house. Such notification must be approved by the regulatory authorities.

She reinterpreted commercial design, turned the chessboard into art, and paved the way for the interior from the 20th century to the future.

Keep in mind that if your site falls within the boundaries of a historical settlement, this may impose certain requirements on the architecture. In this case, the notification must contain a description of the appearance of the building or the house must be built according to standard architectural standards approved by law.

A reverse notice of compliance will give you the right to build a country house for 10 years — enough time to decide where to start.

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