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What irritates us in the interior and how to avoid it

You can arm yourself with trends, brands, or a professional design project and still get an interior where something is elusive or very noticeably annoying. Let’s see how to avoid this.

Open floor plan
Not so long ago, everyone was dizzy with the idea of an open plan. The concept of “more air, less partitions” came to us from Western loft interiors with their industrial scale. In order for the concept to take root on the basis of Russian living space, designers boldly removed doors and walls from the interiors. We tried to combine them to the maximum: a loggia with a room, a kitchen with a living room, even a bathroom with a toilet.LOFT-STYLE INTERIOR: DO WE SAY “BYE” TO IT OR DON’T LET IT GO?
What if you spent a lot of effort and money on a loft interior, and it is declared out of fashion? Is it time to rip off decorative bricks from the walls? Can you adapt your loft to current trends? Or give up on trends? Know.
Before you “let in the air” and tear down the walls, think about whether this will not go to the detriment of functional areas and privacy, and most importantly-the isolation of extraneous sounds and smells.

Concepts from the pages of interior magazines are not always convenient in everyday life.
If you are already dealing with an open plan, and the lack of privacy is annoying, try resorting to functional zoning tools that do not require redevelopment.

Panoramic glazing
The concept of” the more light in the interior, the better ” set the fashion for panoramic glazing.

Even if the view from the window has to ensure that the apartment looked at him “all eyes”, the effect may not be the one we expect. Panoramic Windows can cause not only a wow effect, but also an alarm. The fact that homo sapiens, not so long ago began to live in the stone jungle, instinctively still strives for privacy and closed safe spaces.
Panoramic glazing is appropriate in country houses, where the Windows overlook their own plot, and preferably in non-residential areas: in the living room, in the dining room, in the kitchen.

If you dream of panoramic Windows in the city, think twice. If you have already got them-take care of the textile support.

Ill-conceived storage systems
Another example of how the desire for space can turn against the interior. In an effort to unload the space to the maximum, we refuse from bulky cabinets, mezzanines, the top row of the kitchen set, cabinets under the sink. The result may be a banal lack of storage space, permanent clutter, clogged tables and lockers, in which nothing can be found the first time.

To avoid a mess and not eat up all the useful space of cabinets, consider compact and ergonomic storage systems.

Nameless 1.png
Look at open storage systems for clothing. They will not overload the interior visually and will be an additional incentive to keep clothes in perfect order.

Not the color
Color can be the main source of stress in the interior. And it’s not just about bright colors, which in the wrong dosage can “calluses”. You can choose a neutral white tone for the walls, and in the light in the apartment, it will find an annoying yellowness against the background of snow-white curtains or sofas.
The colors should form a harmonious scheme not only in the head and in the graphics editor, but also in real operating conditions. In the interior, depending on the lighting, they may behave differently.
It is important that the shades do not contradict each other. This usually happens when we take related colors from different temperature ranges, for example: warm white with yellow and cold white with blue.

This disharmony will unnerve perfectionists. To avoid this problem, make sure that the color samples behave in different lighting modes and next to each other before starting the repair.

Excess goes hand in hand with bad taste. Classic and / or minimalism is a good way to play it safe. The result can be a neutral, stylish, restrained interior, about which no one will say a bad word. But you may be bored in it.

Usually such a mistake is made by a person who initially did not study their own interior preferences. You choose minimalistic high-tech or strict classics, but in fact the soul lies in a relaxed Boh or colorful eclecticism.

Personal space is not a place for boredom. It should evoke emotions.
If you are bored looking at a neutral finish, do not rush to start repairs. Neutral finishing materials are a good base for interior experiments and unusual accents. Work with furniture and accessories.

“In close quarters, but not in offense” – this saying we know from childhood. But how annoying it is when the apartment does not have enough space for comfort and comfort, and even the walls seem to press. Do not worry: in this article we will tell you how to equip a small kitchen of 5-6 square meters.

Are you afraid to experiment on your own? Ask for help from a professional interior designer who will help you harmoniously combine all the elements in the space.

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