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How to add sun to a St. Petersburg apartment

Many of us are really lucky. To live (and even more so to be born!) in the Northern capital — a privilege. This is understood even by those who came here just for a couple of days on a business trip or vacation. But if you live here, you have to face the fact that there is a catastrophic lack of sun. The same life-giving sun that warms everything around.

In this article, we will tell you how to add sun and space to an apartment that needs them. In St. Petersburg, we are faced with special climatic conditions, when even if there are southern Windows, natural lighting does not cope with the task of adding comfort and a sense of warmth to the house, and the air seems faded and gray.DESIGN OF A SMALL STUDIO APARTMENT
A popular format for modern housing is Studio apartments. Small dimensions dictate the need for maximum functionality of each square meter. How to make compactness not only convenient, but also beautiful? Let’s talk about the basic design principles of a small Studio apartment.

There are several options for how to add sun to the interior. Among them, not only those that are related to the layout and finishing, but also easier and more affordable, which can be implemented even in a rented apartment or on a small budget.

We confidently declare that everyone can make an apartment solar!
Highly reflective surfaces: white finish
and furniture, mirrors and gloss
It is important to understand that natural light enters your apartment, just in insufficient quantity. Therefore, it should be “captured” in the trap of mirrors, white furniture and glossy facades, as well as any shiny items (silver, gold) and increased by a couple of times.

light Nordic
Warm accents and ochre colors
You can imitate sunlight in a completely banal way by adding a decor of yellow, orange and gold shades. This option is suitable for those who are not afraid of bright accents in the interior.

pastel Nordic in St. Petersburg
It is best to use no more than one such “active” color in the interior, so as not to make the room too visually saturated. Choose a pair of pillows in the living room (for example, on the sofa and chair) or a rug and bed linen in the bedroom.

In interiors, marble looks elegant and dignified. Such products used to appear only in palaces and rich houses, as stone processing took a lot of time, effort, and cost a lot.

Choosing the right curtains
The right choice of curtains is crucial for the atmosphere of many small rooms. Sometimes you have to give them up in principle, if the room is very small. In other cases, to visually raise the ceiling, we recommend using thick plain curtains that will be attached to the ceiling cornice.
pastel Nordic will add light to the house
The ceiling curtain rod allows you to hang the curtains as high as possible, so you will definitely get the effect you need. It is best to combine light translucent tulle with plain curtains of a neutral shade (ash gray, pigeon, powdery pink, and others).

Life hack: Tulle of a warm, yellow color will turn the natural light from the window into warm sunlight. Even if it’s cloudy outside, the room will have good weather.
Attach a loggia or focus on the Bay window
If your apartment has a loggia or balcony that can be insulated and attached to the useful area of the apartment, be sure to do this. And be sure to add panoramic glazing to the floor between the room and the loggia. To do this, you will most likely need to transfer the radiator to the side wall.
add sun to an apartment in St. Petersburg
If you are the lucky owner of a Bay window in the living room or bedroom, consider making the most of this advantage. Do not cover it with heavy curtains, put next to furniture for relaxing in a Sunny corner and do not bring anything black or even dark into this area.

Life hack: adding light and space to an apartment will allow you to simulate a “window”, that is, a bright accent wall or photo Wallpaper depicting a spacious light space.
Use pastel shades and bleached textures

Visually, we perceive the world with our eyes, but the information is processed by our brain. It is he who is responsible for what impression the interior makes on us in the end. There is a trick that allows you to “trick” the brain into believing that there is much more sunlight in your room, even without actually increasing the amount of it. This happens when we see bleached textures, scuffs on a light background, for example, on furniture of pastel color, as if faded in the sun.

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