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Neo-Baroque: obsolete or trendy interior trend?

Appearing in Italy at the turn of the XVI – XVII centuries, the Baroque style represented an abundance of luxury, demonstrated power and wealth. Designed to beautify reality by combining various types of art in one interior composition with theatrical effects, it was popular in Royal palaces and country noble residences. With the advent of the twentieth century and the development of progress, modernism and constructivism pushed back the Baroque with its excesses. But fashion is returning, so in the second half of the twentieth century, the Baroque was transformed and became a new trend. Innovative materials were added to the traditional sophistication and rich decoration, and the basis was laid by current concepts of comfort and ergonomics. That’s what gave birth to the neo-Baroque style.

neo Baroque dark stylish interior
Theatrical scenery
A characteristic feature of the style was the combination of traditional Baroque decor, classical design methods and new materials. With the help of available materials, the atmosphere of ancient palaces is recreated. Special emphasis is placed on the artificial component of materials: vinyl Wallpaper, plastic chandeliers and laminate have become an integral part of the style. Due to this, neobarocco is considered a budget version of the Bohemian classics or theatrical decorations of the Palace aesthetics.

What if you spent a lot of effort and money on a loft interior, and it is declared out of fashion? Is it time to rip off decorative bricks from the walls? Can you adapt your loft to current trends? Or give up on trends? Know.
Eye-catching decor, luxury decoration and assorted variants of ornaments occupy the leading positions. Expensive wood is replaced by plastic, luxury high-quality textiles give way to synthetic analogues, and antique furniture available imitations.

The main condition is the consistency of the surrounding space and objects in the same color scheme. Then the room in the neo-Baroque style will look perfect.
Modification of the neo-Baroque style
dark neobarocco in the interior is a fashion trend

In the 90’s in Russia neobarokko began to equate to vulgarity and pretentiousness due to absurd heaps of pompous elements in the interior. During this period, it was distinguished by the presence of huge crystal chandeliers, Golden toilets and spiral staircases, as well as artificial moldings, which created contrasting compositions with gold inclusions. Mandatory elements were a Baroque sofa and Wallpaper with a pattern of Damascus.

Damascus is characterized by ornamental vegetation and heraldic symbols arranged in a symmetrical order and creating a special rhythm.
Large gold baguettes adorning the mirrors and paintings of the Renaissance – it was inherent in the neo-Baroque. According to interior designers, such apartments look ridiculous due to redundancy and overload of details. Over the past twenty years, this style has taken a back seat. Residents of Russia began to perceive it as too pretentious, with an excess of accessories.

dark neobarocco in the interior is stylish

How did neobarocco in the interior today become one of the most popular styles?

At the interior exhibitions Salone del Mobile in Milan and Maison & Objet in Paris, which are held annually and establish canons in the world of interior fashion, presented neobarocco as one of the most popular and fashionable styles of 2018-2019.
Note that the pretentiousness and pomposity of the neobarocco familiar to us are in the past: the style has been thoroughly modified.
Today, the vision of the designers of the neo-Baroque has a different focus. Textile and vinyl Wallpaper with a pattern of Damascus was replaced by painting the walls in deep dark tones. Especially popular are the colors of faded rose, wet asphalt, stormy sky, stormy sea, wine, bottle green, dark Indigo blue. The Golden delights were replaced by the technique of Ombre and gradient, which implies a color transition. Combinations of different shades of the same color were used in interior details. According to the designers, to bring neobarocco to perfection, doors, interior partitions, floor and ceiling plinths, niches, cabinets and racks inside them, as well as decorative fireplaces should be painted in the color of the walls. Library cabinets in the living room, matched to the tone of the room are a fashionable addition to the entire image.

We will learn how the English style was born in the interior and what metamorphoses it has undergone, reaching our days.

The spirit of the” old ” neobarocco is preserved only in the decorative stucco on the walls. The difference is that previously the molding was mostly white with gold elements, but now it is painted in the main tone of the room during the painting of the walls. Additional decor will be unnecessary: mirrors in large frames and paintings will overload the interior.

Moderate minimalism is the main task when creating a style. Pretentious overall crystal chandeliers gave way to brass stylizations in the spirit of modernity and art Nouveau. Chandeliers should look expensive, but you don’t have to go broke. You can buy a stylized antique lamp for a reasonable price. Bronze lamps took pride of place in the neo-Baroque style due to their compatibility with dark walls. As for floor coverings, we now use “herringbone” parquet in a rich tea shade or walnut. Dark ceilings are a popular technique. Using these methods, you can get away from the redundancy of the original neobarocco.

The creation of neo-Baroque in the interior: tips for
wishing to fulfill a dream
the modern trend of neo-Baroque interior
When creating this style, you need to be careful. Dark colors visually reduce the space and absorb light, so the apartment should have an open plan, as well as be suitable for square footage. The room with the ceiling less than three meters are not suitable for the modern “dark” neo-Baroque. The space will be visually minimized due to the gloomy tones.

But for those who are allowed to “roam” the space, you should act bolder: the neobarocco style looks advantageous and respectable. Taking into account the influence of dark tones on the space, you need to clearly think through the options for the light scenario. It must be multi-level. The initial stage is the ceiling lighting, then the light should come from the lower level point-by-point, and decorative light sources complete the picture. All three lighting levels must be activated.

What ingredients make up the French interior and can the Bohemian atmosphere of Paris take root on the basis of a Russian apartment?

Note that today’s neobarocco is incompatible with standard white plastic double-glazed Windows. The best way out of this situation is to order wooden or stylized frames to match the color of wood. Conventional batteries also do not fit into such an interior. An excellent solution is to initially consider the design of radiators. There are a great many options. For example, you can order a radiator, stylized stucco.
For upholstered furniture and textiles, it is fashionable to use satin, brocade and velvet in deep colors. Rich maroon or deep bottle shades of chairs and sofas will look advantageous against dark walls. Such a bright accent will add elegance to the space. To create a complete neo-Baroque style in the interior, you do not need to search for all the components for a long time – just look into the salons of the shopping complex “Lanskoy”.

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