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Top 7 most beautiful mansions in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the most beautiful city in Russia. A real treasure trove of architectural structures of the Tsarist Russia era. We have prepared for you the top 7 most beautiful mansions in St. Petersburg.

Let us live as citizens of St. Petersburg! In this article, we will tell you how to transfer Palace luxury to your apartment and not go broke.
to live in the Palace
Brusnitsyn Mansion
The Brusnitsyns ‘ mansion is one of the most mysterious buildings in St. Petersburg. No wonder it was chosen by filmmakers and photographers. It looks like an unremarkable abandoned building, but once you look inside, you can see a brilliant world of balls and social receptions. It is a unique architectural monument with eclectic old interior items that have preserved their original appearance.

The uniqueness of the interior is due to the biography of the Brusnitsyns: the natives of the peasants who quickly got rich at the enterprise tried to show their wealth in everything, namely, in luxurious interiors. Therefore, each subsequent room of the mansion is more expensive than the previous one, and the overall interior does not have unity and harmony.
A distinctive feature of the mansion is the facade panels. You will not find any space with calm walls here; each empty room does not look empty due to the variety of compositions made of decorative molding. Did you know that this season wall stucco is at the height of fashion? We talked about how to decorate the walls of the apartment with molding in one of the previous articles.
to live in the Palace
Palace Of Grand Duke Vladimir
Vladimir Palace rightfully bears the title of one of the most beautiful palaces of the Northern Capital. When you first look at the facades of a building, you may not notice its splendor and pass by, but try to look inside. The jewel of this building is its interior. The wonders of eclecticism were born unintentionally: the fact that the Palace was rebuilt more than once and left a vivid memory of each of its residents and architects.

Here you can find Moorish vaults, traditional stove tiles in the spirit of Naryshkin Baroque, classical neo-Baroque, and canonical Chinese vases.
But a real interior miracle can be called a wooden room that combines the fantasies of traditional old Russian life with its wood, carved platbands, scenes of peasant life and the monumentality of classicism. If you are also inspired by the idealized peasant comfort and texture of natural wood, then the Lanconi Studio is able to duplicate such an interior.

Kelch mansion
Kelch Mansion
The mansion where you can’t walk without looking up is the house of Kelch. The Baroque mansion impresses with its interior decoration. There is also a riot of interior styles, but this time in Northern Europe: dark Gothic and refined Renaissance meets luxurious Rococo style.

But it is the Gothic stylization that attracts special attention. As if it takes us to old England from modern Petersburg.
Who among us has not dreamed of living in a house with fireplaces and stained glass Windows? All dreams are easy to achieve if you set a goal. Stained glass workshops can embody any style for you.

interior of the Montferrand mansion
Mansion Of Montferrand
The Montferrand mansion is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. The seemingly inconspicuous building impresses with its fantastic interior decoration. This is not an accident, because Auguste Montferrand is the architect of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. And can the interior of such an outstanding figure of architecture be trivial?

Interiors from your favorite TV shows seem as familiar as your own apartment. And not by accident. Production artists specially make the main locations so cozy that when we look at the screen, we feel at home. And TV interiors can inspire changes in your own apartment. Find out what design techniques can be spied in famous TV series.

A special feature of the house is the entrance group: you are greeted by two dynamic figures of newt and Nereid. The rich decoration of the hall is based on a combination of artificial marble of various shades. The stone workshop will also help you in your home to recreate such an artful combination of noble stone breeds and stylize old interior items.

the Demidov mansion statue
The Demidov Mansion
When you enter the mansion, you are greeted by beautiful Atlanteans and caryatids, when you look up – angels with heraldry, and inside you are greeted by all sorts of marble rocks and spiral staircases. Today, the mansion is empty, but once it was walked by the first beauty of St. Petersburg and the wife of the owner of a large Ural plant, Aurora Schernval. The mansion was rebuilt according to the project of Auguste Montferrand, thanks to which there was a sculptural group of caryatids and Atlanteans. Create the same can be masters of the elite interior salon.

Pashkov house St. Petersburg
Pashkov house
But at the entrance to this mansion, you will be met not by beautiful caryatids, but by huge black aggressive bison. In the design of the facade of the Pashkov house, open brickwork was used for the first time in St. Petersburg. Red stone salon can repeat the same procedure. The mansion is one of the most famous projects of the eminent architect Harold Bosse. Its distinctive feature was a combination of almost incongruous styles: the Pashkov house is based on a mix of ancient Greek interior and light Rococo.

By the way, this house is described in the poem by Nikolai Nekrasov “Reflections at the front entrance”.
house with Moors Kochubei mansion
The Kochubey Mansion
Another legendary building associated with the name of G. E. Bosse is the Kochubei mansion, better known as the house with Moors. The basis of his project in 1840, the architect put a combination of monumental severe Renaissance with playful and light Baroque. Did you know that Baroque is also popular in modern interiors? But today, the interpretation of this style is radically different from its academic framework.

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