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Scandinavian-style kitchen design

Today we will tell you how to create a kitchen design in a simple, minimalistic and noble Scandinavian style. First, let’s look at its characteristics.

Features of the Scandinavian style
The Northern Scandinavian design style has become recognizable due to the following distinctive features:

white color in the design of the walls;
using natural wood;
minimalism in detail;
simple and strict forms, proportionality of design elements.
Consider the individual nuances of the kitchen interior in the Scandinavian style.

An island in Scandinavian cuisine
The design of the walls
White walls are the hallmark of Scandinavian design. It makes the room brighter, cleaner and is the perfect background for all other elements. However, if white seems too sterile to you, you can choose other shades of the light palette – ivory, cream, and gray.

In the world of interior design, there are controversial solutions, there are some that can be said to be “Amateur”, but there are also frankly failed combinations. We have collected the TOP 5 unsuccessful combinations in the interior, which should be avoided.

Sometimes there are accent walls in Scandinavian-style interiors. However, the colors for them are better to choose not warm, but cold-gray, shades of blue and green. The main meaning of the color of the walls of Scandinavian cuisine is to give maximum light, not to overload the perception and not to distract you from business and leisure.

The design of the walls
Choice of floor finishes
In Scandinavian countries, they prefer natural wood surfaces, but there are many more options for finishing the floor:

wooden boards (natural colors or painted in white, gray and other basic colors);
linoleum with wood pattern;
wood laminate;
If you want to visually expand the room, then in combination with light walls, choose rich shades for the floor in a cold color scheme.

The technique is combined with wood
Selection of furniture
Scandinavian design is characterized by simple lines – including furniture. Kitchen sets are usually chosen white or to match the walls, countertops-the color of natural wood. But the table and chairs in the kitchen to do too light such undesirable – it can create a “hospital” impression. Choose natural wood shades and textures, simple and ergonomic furniture design. It looks good, for example, a combination of gray shades and natural wood.

Designers offer us to create unique spaces by mixing ingredients from different styles. This is more difficult than following a specific style instruction. Let’s try to understand the rules of the new interior game.

Don’t worry about how the built-in kitchen appliances will look. If it has a metallized surface of base colors (for example, gray), it will also reflect light and expand the space.

Concise Scandinavian design
Additional decor and accents
Spaces in Scandinavian design are good because they can easily bring elements of almost any other style. You can, for example, decorate the walls with slates for writing, bright paintings, unusual lamps, maps, make a contrasting apron on the kitchen wall, tile the floor with a colored ornament – your choice is limited only by imagination.

Lanskoy shopping center stores offer a variety of finishing materials, furniture and appliances that will bring the freshness of Scandinavia to your kitchen.

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