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How to design a children’s room ” for growth»

A children’s room is a small world where a child spends most of their time. This is where the development and formation of the individual takes place, so you need to approach the design of this space responsibly. The interior of the room must match the interests and needs of the small owner. The child needs to feel a sense of security, so creating a child’s room should be approached in detail.

In Russia, there is a tendency to design tasteless, pretentious rooms for children. This approach to the interior of children’s apartments will bring short-term joy. And after a couple of years, the child will grow up – the interests that should always be taken into account will also change. That is why designers recommend initially developing the interior of the children’s room “for growth”.

Pink rooms with ponies and castles for princesses and pirate dens for boys affect the creation of internal conflict, which can not always be immediately noticed and, accordingly, eliminated. Psychologists say that a child’s personal space requires a clear zoning: a play area and a recreation area.
children’s room photo Wallpaper
Basic principles in the design of children’s rooms
When decorating the interior in the children’s room, you should use hypoallergenic materials, unobtrusive lamps and Cabinet furniture. Furniture items are recommended to be purchased from natural wood, which is confirmed by certificates of environmental friendliness. The room should not be overloaded with furniture and decor.

Designers are advised to give preference to neutral styles. For example, Scandi, loft and contemporary. Rooms that are stylized according to these directions are decorated based on the interests of the child, so the space can be instantly converted from a children’s room to a teenage one.
Scandinavian children’s style
Children’s room in Scandinavian style
The Scandi style emerged in the 1930s as an offshoot of modernism. The characteristic features of this design direction are bright walls, wooden furniture and lamps, which broadcast national toys or decorations.

The Scandinavian-style children’s room is filled with light, making it seem spacious. This design option is considered comfortable and versatile for a child, and the design itself is so neutral that it is suitable both for a room “for growth”, and for cohabiting several children of different ages or even gender. It is easy to create and does not require much money.

children’s room in Scandinavian style
The decoration of the room is done mainly in light colors. Interior designers recommend painting the walls white, or using paper Wallpaper that is considered environmentally friendly. The latter can be with an unobtrusive print, for example, gray watercolor cacti (tropical drawings are now at the height of fashion). Also, in creating a Scandinavian style, wooden clapboard is used for facing the nursery.
In order for the interior to retain its “freshness” longer, wall and floor coverings are recommended to be selected with an anti-vandal coating – that is, easily cleaned.
The ideal option is to put a floor made of parquet Board, which can be repainted white or “aged”if desired. But it will be cheaper to buy a laminate with a wood pattern. Again, the children’s room is not the safest area for finishing materials – choose a durable and eco-friendly floor covering that is not afraid of either moisture or shock.

Yesterday’s trends flow very smoothly and logically into today’s and follow not only international trends in furniture and architecture design, but also specific world events.

The Scandi style has a minimal amount of furniture. Therefore, beds, racks, wardrobes, dressers and other furniture should have a simple shape and the ability to transform. The interior is diversified by diverse decor: bright pillows, Ottomans and carpets will give you a sense of comfort and security.

children’s room in Nordic style
It is worth noting that the bright universal space of Scandi comes to life with the help of decor. When the baby is very small, toys serve as decor – do not overload the space and create a feeling of untidiness. As the child grows older, toys are replaced with more adult decor or hobby items – sports equipment, a skateboard, and an easel.

Against the background of bright Scandinavian interiors, a lot of clutter stands out, so the organization of ergonomic storage areas is simply necessary. It is there that you can teach a child to order from an early age.
children’s loft style
Children’s loft style
The loft style originated in the 1940s in the United States, where industrial premises of factories, warehouses and factories were converted into living spaces. This direction in design is considered brutal and aggressive. This feeling occurs due to untreated surfaces in the form of bricks or facade panels, which are traditionally used for exterior design.

Despite this, the loft can be easily adapted to the design of the children’s room “for growth”. Functionality, ease of design and compatibility with other stylistic trends have become the main qualities of the style. The loft assumes high ceilings and wide Windows, so that the room receives a large amount of natural light, which visually expands the space. These rooms are suitable for children of any age and gender.

When growing up, the child adjusts the space to their tastes and interests. It turns out that the room “grows” with it.
Bulky partitions are unacceptable for a child’s room. You can differentiate between spaces using visual elements: different floor coverings or several types of wall decoration. Furniture, such as shelving, is also used to divide the room. Particularly popular is the two-storey zoning-the separation of living and sleeping areas by means of attic beds. The table with school supplies and books is at the bottom, and above it is a sleeping place. This method will help you save space. You can also divide a room by using light. For example, a study area should be equipped with a mobile lamp, and a place to sleep should be equipped with wall-mounted night lights.

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To soften the “hostility” of the style, light and colorful tones of the room’s decoration will help. Beige and white scales are win-win options. Blue, green, gray and brown tones of loft inserts will become an interior approach when creating a nursery for a boy. As for girls, bright pastel crimson, red and turquoise colors, a shade of faded rose are preferred.

children’s loft
Also, attention should be paid to the elements of decor. In the boys ‘ room, installing decorative pipes will create an imitation of a factory room in the spirit of steampunk. For example, as an alternative to bookshelves. For girls, this idea is also suitable, but it also adds softer accents, such as textiles: curtains and pillows. Shapeless bag chairs will also complement the image of the room, and children will be satisfied.

Such a detailed approach has a beneficial effect on the child’s emotional state and encourages creativity.

Due to untreated rough surfaces, the loft style is a priori considered” vandal-proof”, and small errors on the walls will become less noticeable.
children’s room stylish
Contemporary design of the children’s room
One of the universal options for the design of the children’s room was the contemporary style. A room in this style can be converted to any interior direction using several details of furniture and decor. Contemporary implies the existence of smooth surfaces, minimalism and comfort. The design uses ultra-modern materials in muted and cool shades.

Everything in the interior should be perfect: color, light, furniture, and accessories. You can spend enough time and money on the selection of each “ingredient”, and some little thing will take and spoil the picture, visually reducing the cost of the interior. We tell you how to avoid this.

Designers recommend keeping the decoration of the children’s room “for growth” in light gray, gray-blue and gray-pink colors, if desired, complement or modify the elements of furniture and decor. Large-sized stickers will decorate the walls in the nursery, if desired, they can be quickly replaced with new ones or removed. Finishing materials are used exclusively natural. Glass is also often found in this style of decoration, but it is not safe and quickly gets dirty, so you should think before adding it to the interior. When decorating a children’s room, use carpets, pillows of different shapes and colors, as well as curtains, capes for chairs and sofas and bedspreads.

In the first place is the functionality of the room. Do not clutter the space with a large amount of furniture. Space to store things involve the accessibility and ease of use. Thus, the child will quickly get used to “clean up after themselves”.

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