Scandinavian style in a new way: what has changed
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Scandinavian style in the interior: history and features

Last year, the Scandinavian style had a dizzying success. Simplicity of forms, open plans, white background, abundance of light and space, minimum of decor and furniture-all this unobtrusive asceticism has become an indispensable tool in organizing the interiors of small apartments and studios, trendy cafes and showrooms. But, as is usually the case, the excitement is followed by cooling. And in 2019, Scandinavian bored almost everyone.

If last year you have already decorated your apartment according to all the canons of Scandinavian fashion, and today you are starting to think about how to make it more comfortable and noble, this article is for you. We will tell you about several techniques that make it easy to turn a neutral Scandinavian apartment into a stylish art space.
Scandinavian style Nordic
Why is Scandi no longer relevant?
In pursuit of fashionable Scandinavian trends, you can easily go too far with white walls, monochrome decor and furniture. Let’s try to explain why the classic Scandinavian style in the interior is not always good in Russian realities.

“Good design is 98% common sense and 2% aesthetic»

First, it is a neutral white interior without bright visible accents. Prolonged winters in such an apartment can be discouraged. Second, the white color of the walls is not practical, especially if you have children or Pets. And finally, the classic Scandi goes by the wayside and gives way at the height of fashion to its relative-Nordic.

trendy Scandinavian interior
What replaced it?
Nordic is a whole group of modern interior styles based on traditional interiors of the European North. There are several varieties.

classic Scandinavian interior
1. Classic Nordic
The style is closer to the usual Scandinavian interior. The design is based on an abundance of light, shades of white, from milk to snow-white, and the use of eco-friendly materials. Textiles are selected in linen or coarse cotton in basic natural shades. Wooden details and clear geometry are characteristic.

stylish Dutch interior
2. Dutch interior
More recently, designers have begun to look at traditional Dutch interiors. As a separate trend in interior fashion, Dutch stands out thanks to the design Academy in Eindhoven. Despite the harsh climate and gloomy skies, unlike Finns and Norwegians, the Dutch are not afraid of dark shades in their apartments. Moreover, they use them in abundance, considering them noble. It is difficult to disagree with them — wine, bottle, shade of stormy sea, stormy sky, dark Indigo, wet asphalt-create a magical depth. It is from Dutch interiors that the fashion for cozy semi-darkness comes this season.

The interiors of monumental Amsterdam and Gothic Rotterdam abound with noble Antiques and moderate asceticism.
Belgian interiors
3. Belgian interior
It is unlikely that you could have thought last year that Belgium has its own distinctive interior, worthy of a separate trend. However, this season it is the Belgian Nordic that is the fashion trend. This style resembles both French lightness and English primness. The interior is based on a contrasting combination of light and dark halftones of similar shades, complex “dusty” colors. But a special distinctive feature is the decoration of the walls with landscapes, but not arbitrary, namely the Flemish school of painting. Most often, this is a Wallpaper with a print or even a large photo Wallpaper on the accent wall.

Capinordic Japanordic
4. Capinordic (Japanordic)
The most unique of the Nordic styles is japanordic. It does not reflect the aesthetics of any one country, but is an organic combination of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian asceticism. Interior designers have noticed a similar approach to housing in Japan and Norway. Both countries pay special attention to environmental materials, ergonomics, and moderate austerity. The aesthetics of antiquity and reverent attitude to the origins and combined the two aesthetics into a fashionable interior trend.

Nordic Scandinavian interior
What to do if Scandi is tired?
Modern interiors are often eclectic: that is, one style can be taken as a background, and additional styles can be used in decor or furniture. For example, the loft style is the background and is a brick finish and open plan. Furniture for it can be selected in the style of contemporary, or even neobarokko.

Also with the Scandinavian interior. Treat Scandi as the background of the interior, and create an atmosphere to your taste.

Nordic style Scandi interior
Dress up the apartment
The standard idea of Scandinavian interiors is a youth white Studio with Swedish consumer furniture and simple linen textiles. But today, interiors decorated with noble fabrics are popular.

This does not mean that you should spend a lot of money remaking an apartment in a new style, it is enough to replace linen and cotton textiles with simple prints with plain velvet and velour of complex shades, or satin fabrics with reproductions of landscapes.
More recently, Scandinavian interiors used black-and-white geometric ornaments and minimalistic posters in simple frames as decor. Today, this simple decor is replaced by a more noble one. Interior pillows with Mexican patterns were replaced by plain velvet products or complex floral prints, as well as tapestries. And instead of youth posters, classical painting. Outdoor fabrics are also changing the ethnic and the Mat turns into a dark velvet or fur carpets.
Funny Swedish wooden and plastic trinkets go by the wayside. Instead, they are selected metal, copper decor, candles and vases. These techniques will help the interior become visually more expensive.

the bright walls in the style of Nordic
Wall colour
White colors and light Grays faded into the background and gave way to deep dark hues. This does not mean that Scandinavian minimalism is outdated, it has acquired a new reading and interior breadth. If, having succumbed to fashion trends, you have already painted all the walls of the apartment in white, and now it seems boring to you, you can organize an accent wall of any ambiguous shade. To make the color deep, complex and suitable for furniture and other interior items — contact the salon, where you will be able to color the perfect shade. Pre-check how this color will play in your apartment, how it will be covered by lighting, how it will be in harmony with the decor and furniture.

Euroformat apartments, where the living room is combined with the kitchen, are one of the most popular offers on the market today. Studios are in particular demand. At the same time, the issue of dividing space into functional zones is quite acute. We will tell you about the basic principles of zoning a Studio apartment of 25-30 sq. m.

Do not be afraid to change the situation in the apartment often. Changing the location has a positive effect on the mood and even the way of thinking. In order for interior experiments to succeed, contact the professionals of your business.

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