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How to make a loft style cozy

Loft interiors are a combination of brutality and industrial style, antiquity and technology. Rough raw textures and lack of planning at the time raised this style to the peak of fashion. As of today, several pitfalls of a typical loft have been revealed:

* open layouts-the enemy of cozy zoning;
* rough brick looks untidy if you overdo it;
* industrial details are far from elegant;
* the absence of textiles is inconvenient;
* dim yellow light is not always appropriate in a household scenario.

Once occupying a leading position among interior design styles loft has undergone a dramatic change. Today we will tell you how to make a loft cozy and pleasant to live in. Move away from boring design stereotypes to create an atmosphere of home comfort.

Stylish and cosy loft
The essence of the question
A loft is primarily a type of room: a former factory floor, warehouse, or factory. The abandoned industrial space was once chosen by representatives of the creative Bohemians of new York, turning it into a cross between housing, a creative Studio and a gallery. That is why the loft is characterized by open layouts, untreated walls, high ceilings and Windows — all this is the specifics of the building.

The popularity of the style led him from abandoned factories to small-sized apartments. For many years, interior designers have proven that even in a new building, loft styling can be made refined.
Those who try to create a loft in an apartment on their own, without the help of designers, guided by master classes and video tutorials, often make mistakes that eventually turn into serious interior problems. Today we will talk about the key mistakes in the loft style interior that are most often made.

dark loft
Not to overdo
Often, when creating a loft in the interior, try to take into account all its stylistic features. But it is not necessary to combine all the elements and techniques of the loft style in one space, you risk going too far with the uninhabited atmosphere.

It is considered a relic of the past in modern apartments and try to remove it during redevelopment; such a narrow room strongly “eats” the functional and visual space.

Imagine a standard apartment in a new building, where instead of the floor is bare concrete or metal sheets, all the walls are finished with raw aged bricks, furniture is on pallets, and light bulbs on wires are not framed by plafonds. Moreover, all communication pipes are exposed. This will be an obvious overkill.
Loft styling in a standard apartment is the introduction of several style-forming elements in a cozy contemporary style. You can decorate the accent wall with bricks and decorate the bar area with Edison bulbs.
In modern apartments, the loft is an additional aesthetic that should be skillfully combined with cozy styles.
stylish loft interior
Lower the ceiling
The classic loft is characterized by high ceilings, to which communication pipes are attached. Ventilation boxes are decorated and painted in different shades, especially in copper or metallic. In classic new buildings or apartments-secondary ceilings, as a rule, do not exceed three and a half meters. Why lower the already low ceiling visually with the help of pipes? This is another gross mistake in adapting the loft.

stylish real loft
Cheap brick
The nobility of the style in its unique finish. Abandoned factories feature terracotta vintage brickwork. In this finish, the factory brand and small cracks are often found — this feature gives the loft elegance and gloss. In modern stylizations, a cheap imitation of a brick is often used — Wallpaper with a pattern, tile, or even a drawing. This budget option will greatly reduce the cost of the interior.

If you decorate the accent wall with noble facade tiles that mimic different versions of factory vintage bricks, a touch of Bohemia will appear in your loft. It is better to obliterate one wall than to paste over each with a cheap analog of a brick drawing.
gentle loft style
How to bring comfort to the atmosphere of an abandoned retro factory?

It is believed that the loft is the most uncomfortable style, full of rough textures. In fact, the original Bohemian aesthetic has undergone many changes. It is worth remembering that this style was always a bit eclectic, that is, it had elements of additional interior aesthetics.

To soften industrial coldness, you can use additional style elements.
Almost any style can be added. It should be borne in mind that the loft is primarily a type of decoration and layout. The decor and furnishings can be chosen in a noble or cozy way. The loft is effectively combined with art Deco or neo-Baroque elements. If you want home comfort, then hugge and Chalet will help to dilute the rough brick with soft textiles.
stylish loft
A cozy loft is an interior at the intersection of styles. To combine many elements in one apartment with exquisite precision, feel the breadth of choice of finishing materials in the shopping complex “Lanskaya”.

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