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Zoning of a Studio apartment of 25-30 sq. m.

Euroformat apartments, where the living room is combined with the kitchen, are one of the most popular offers on the market today. Studios are in particular demand. At the same time, the issue of dividing space into functional zones is quite acute. We will tell you how to properly zone a Studio apartment with an area of 25-30 square meters.

How does the layout affect the interior
Previously, we have already talked about the features of the interior design of a small Studio. We were talking about apartments with an average area of 15 squares. As a rule, these are small elongated rooms. If we talk about how to zone Studio apartments in 25-30 square meters, here the planning solutions are more diverse and are divided into two main types.

The first option is all the same elongated rooms with one window. From small bars, they differ in greater width, thanks to this, furniture and interior details can be placed more conveniently.

Real photo of a Studio apartment 25-30 sq. m.
The second option is apartments with two Windows. This is a more comfortable layout, since when installing interior partitions, in fact, a separate kitchen is obtained, and an additional source of natural light makes the apartment lighter and visually spacious. Other types of layouts are less common, and they need an individual approach depending on the actual plan.

Basic rules for zoning a Studio apartment of 25-30 sq. m.
When marking out a living space, it is important not to lose sight of any functional area:

cooking and eating;
reception, recreation;
They can be combined and superimposed.

The larger the room, the more opportunities to divide the zones structurally – installing partitions will not take up useful space.
There are also more opportunities to use cabinets as delimiters – there are a large number of real photos of such zoning of studios in 25-30 square meters on the Internet.

Another principle is stylistic uniformity. Designers advise you to design an apartment in the same style, so that the harmonious elements of the interior will complement each other. Large differences in the design style will tire the eye and create visual chaos.

The Cabinet allows you to functionally zone the apartment Studio
Just as in the case of a small-sized Studio, it is recommended to make the most of all available space in a large Studio, avoiding clutter. This will help:

built-in furniture (for example, storage space);
transformer furniture (folding sofas, beds);
different levels (creating residential mezzanines, podiums with built-in drawers, bunk beds, etc.).
This technology came to us from America, as well as many other advanced techniques. It is no secret that in the forties of the 20th century, when polymers were invented daily in large quantities in different parts of the world, America became a leader in the creation of equipment and technology for processing polymers. From there, we received sprayed insulation with polyurethane foam, composite materials, waterproofing with polymers, and much more. While the Soviet Union and European countries were fighting fascism, America participated in the synthetic revolution. Therefore, what has become a novelty for us in the 21st century has become familiar and commonplace in the other hemisphere. And that’s why we had to bring advanced technology and equipment from the United States. We also brought the matrix of the bath, the shower tray, and most of the sinks from overseas. Therefore, the bath is spacious and roomy, as well as the shower, the sinks are also designed for a large kitchen in the style of American classics. We tried to adapt the new products to Russian realities: they are more compact and elegant.

How can I divide a Studio apartment into zones
Designers offer several basic ways of zoning studios of any size due to interior details. Depending on the bulkiness of the element, it can be used either on a small or large area.

Lighting: sconces, groups of lamps, spots, diode illumination-connecting each type separately, you can illuminate a particular functional area.
Decorative partitions: screens, carved panels, curtains (including thread, beads, bamboo, etc.) – it is important to choose an option that fits into the style of the interior.
Plants and aquariums-require space, additional lighting and careful care.
Furniture: cabinets, shelves, bookcases, bar counters, sofas, etc. – their placement in the space can both unite and divide the room into zones.
Finishing: color and texture of walls and ceiling – different types of wall decoration (Wallpaper and plaster, Wallpaper and tile, plaster and wood, etc.) and ceiling (for example, multi-level structures, coatings of different colors) can be used to divide into functional parts in one apartment.
Mirrors visually expand the space of the Studio
When talking about decoration and interior elements, designers often cite the example of mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Thanks to them, you can create the effect of duplicating space. To visually make the house more spacious, use light colors (furniture panels, Wallpaper, etc.), their combination with dark (for example, different color of Wallpaper on different walls), as well as a combination of glossy and matte textures.

Zoning the Studio: everything is in its place
The imagination of a specialist who develops the design of a Studio apartment is limited by many factors, one of which is the specific location of the housing elements recorded in the project.

Recall that radical redevelopment is not possible without the approval of the relevant departments, and some types are prohibited in principle.
That is, the increase in living space due to the demolition of the wall between the room and the balcony is a violation, as is the uncontrolled transfer of the ” wet ” zone (sinks, baths, etc.), and gas equipment (water heater, stove), the destruction of ventilation boxes.

There are still a number of restrictions for redevelopment of hygienic properties. There will be no punishment for violating them, but the discomfort will be palpable. For example, creating a sleeping box (niche) using drywall – in fact, a micro-room is made where only the bed is placed. If you do not think about the ventilation system, the air will stagnate and sleep will be uncomfortable.

A wardrobe separates the sleeping area
It is also not recommended to put the bed near heating devices and Windows that can open – this is fraught with colds when airing or excessive overheating. Another rule – a computer monitor or TV should not be directly deployed to the window-solar glare and street lighting interfere with the image, which leads to eye strain.

How to divide a room nicely and conveniently?
If you are moving to a new home with old furniture, be prepared that it will not fit into the interior and layout, especially since it will be difficult to correctly divide the apartment into zones. The new Studio will require a comprehensive design project that includes not only repairs, but also a detailed plan for the placement of furniture and storage systems.

The trend is eclecticism, individualization of space and bold experiments. It’s all about the Memphis style. Find out where it came from, what it looks like and what it is “eaten” with in modern interiors.

Zoning a Studio apartment of 25-30 square meters implies greater freedom of creativity than in a small apartment. The range of Lanskoy TC stores – furniture, finishing materials, lighting and decor-will help you use every meter productively and with taste.

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Zoning of a Studio apartment of 25-30 sq. m.
Euroformat apartments, where the living room is combined with the kitchen, are one of the most popular offers on the market today. Studios are in particular demand. At the same…


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