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Color in the bedroom interior: how to work with it?

Color scheme is an important ingredient in the bedroom interior. You can approach the choice in different ways. On the one hand, the bedroom is not a room for prying eyes and you can freely experiment with your favorite colors. On the other hand, the situation should be adjusted to sleep and rest, which means it is better to be safe and choose neutral shades. You can go either way. There is no forbidden color scheme for the bedroom, the main thing is to properly dispose of it.

Bright colours
Bright colors have an exciting effect on the psyche. It is believed that they do not belong in the work area, because they interfere with concentration, and in the recreation area, where there should be an atmosphere of relaxation. Does this mean that any bright color in the bedroom interior is not welcome? Not obligatory.

How to start your own apartment interior design

There is a small trick: your favorite color should be placed in the interior so that it does not come across your eyes during rest and just before going to bed. The best place for it is the accent wall behind the headboard.
Nameless 1.png
A bright shade can be introduced into the interior dosed, as accent accessories. If you want more color, let the bedspread that you remove from the bed before going to bed be bright, but not the bed linen.

From the spread of the shades in the bedroom it is better to refuse. Try using a muted, white-washed version of your favorite color.

Nameless 2.png
Black and white
Dark shades and their king-black color in the interior of the bedroom is also not prohibited. On the contrary — if you use them correctly, you can create a cozy chamber atmosphere that is conducive to sleep. But the line is thin. You can turn a bedroom into an interior from the “Adams Family”.

The correct light scenario will help you avoid a dark effect. For privacy, sconces, table lamps or paired lamps on a low suspension will be responsible. The wow effect will be provided by lighting with an led strip that can be used to decorate niches, shelves, and even the bed itself.
Nameless 3.png
If you choose dark colors, do not skimp on the texture. Leather, suede, gloss, and metal sheen will help dark shades “play”.
To avoid the feeling of pressing walls, you can only select one accent wall using paint or Wallpaper.

The white bedroom is a popular color scheme. As with black, it may or may not be comfortable. You can accidentally turn a bedroom into a sterile hospital room. The medicine is the same: a variety of textures and well-placed accents. Fluffy carpets, textured textiles, and wicker furniture look good in a bright space.

Nameless 4.png
When choosing a color scheme for the bedroom, be sure to consider the light level. If the room is bright, choose cool colors. This bedroom will turn into a cool oasis in the hot season, when the sun is burning behind the curtains. The interior is refreshed by all shades of blue and blue, mint, turquoise and pistachio tones. They work well in tandem with white, gray shades and light wood.

Nameless 5.png
And vice versa. Do the Windows look out on the dark side? Warm the interior with warm shades. Beige, sand, pumpkin, terracotta and yellow colors will make the room lighter. Natural wood will warm the interior well.
Nameless 6.png
Want a win-win? Choose natural shades. Woody, sandy, oceanic, vegetable. Nature has already created colors on which the eye rests, trust her.
Nameless 7.png
Betting on eco-shades, you will automatically choose a harmonious combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom. If you are not sure of yourself, choose the most pleasing to the eye natural color and add shades to it in the same tone, here you will not miss.

The territory that Hadid mastered as an architect and designer is the dark side of the moon. To understand a new, stereotype-breaking vision, you need to trust the designer’s courage and follow the same vector: aesthetics above all else.

And finally, another unspoken rule: the color in the interior of the bedroom must cause you pleasant emotions and associations.

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