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Apartment in Provence style
The sun, soft blue sky, tender greens, shades of lavender and violets-the style of the French South has long won fans in Russia. Apartment in the style of Provence -…

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3 inspiring movie interiors
A good movie is a feast for the eyes and a complete immersion in the atmosphere. Interiors in such films are not just "delicious" shots, they reflect the characters '…

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5 ideas for an unusual new year's decor
On the threshold of a new decade, many interior rules are being rethought, trends are turning into anti-trends, and interior styles are changing. Why not experiment with new year's decor?…

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6 unique home products that you can buy in Lansky»

The easiest way to buy furniture and building materials in consumer stores. Here you can find popular universal things. But all of them will be simple and recognizable. It is likely to find the same interior in your neighbor. But everyone would like to show off something unique, create an individual interior that can surprise and amaze. To do this, you need to find a store that offers unique home products.
She reinterpreted commercial design, turned the chessboard into art, and paved the way for the interior from the 20th century to the future. Continue reading

How to add sun to a St. Petersburg apartment

Many of us are really lucky. To live (and even more so to be born!) in the Northern capital — a privilege. This is understood even by those who came here just for a couple of days on a business trip or vacation. But if you live here, you have to face the fact that there is a catastrophic lack of sun. The same life-giving sun that warms everything around.

In this article, we will tell you how to add sun and space to an apartment that needs them. In St. Petersburg, we are faced with special climatic conditions, when even if there are southern Windows, natural lighting does not cope with the task of adding comfort and a sense of warmth to the house, and the air seems faded and gray. Continue reading

Neo-Baroque: obsolete or trendy interior trend?

Appearing in Italy at the turn of the XVI – XVII centuries, the Baroque style represented an abundance of luxury, demonstrated power and wealth. Designed to beautify reality by combining various types of art in one interior composition with theatrical effects, it was popular in Royal palaces and country noble residences. With the advent of the twentieth century and the development of progress, modernism and constructivism pushed back the Baroque with its excesses. But fashion is returning, so in the second half of the twentieth century, the Baroque was transformed and became a new trend. Innovative materials were added to the traditional sophistication and rich decoration, and the basis was laid by current concepts of comfort and ergonomics. That’s what gave birth to the neo-Baroque style. Continue reading

Feng Shui in the apartment interior

Feng Shui in the interior: japanordic, Japanese minimalism, wabi-sabifen-Shui in the interior: japanordic, Japanese minimalism, wabi-Sabi
Sometimes, I went into an apartment and do not need to be a psychologist to understand what the inhabitants breathe and how they live. Everyone will agree that the interior is a mirror of the inner world of a person, and supporters of Feng Shui will add that a properly organized space can not only reflect, but also change for the better some aspects of human life. What is Feng Shui in the interior of an apartment, what it is based on and in what interior styles it is convenient? Let’s figure it out.

According to Feng Shui: how it works Continue reading

Top 7 most beautiful mansions in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the most beautiful city in Russia. A real treasure trove of architectural structures of the Tsarist Russia era. We have prepared for you the top 7 most beautiful mansions in St. Petersburg.

Let us live as citizens of St. Petersburg! In this article, we will tell you how to transfer Palace luxury to your apartment and not go broke.
to live in the Palace
Brusnitsyn Mansion
The Brusnitsyns ‘ mansion is one of the most mysterious buildings in St. Petersburg. No wonder it was chosen by filmmakers and photographers. Continue reading

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